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Jun 21 2021

DM74LS279N Datasheets | Logic ICs Latches Quad S-R Latch

Product Overview

Manufacturer Part#: DM74LS279N
Product Category: Logic ICs
Stock: No
Manufacturer: On semiconductor, llc
Description: Latches Quad S-R Latch
Datasheet: N/A
Package: DIP-16
Minimum: 1
Lead Time: 3(168 Hours)
Quantity: On Order
Send RFQ: Buy

DM74LS279N Images are for reference only.


CAD Models

Product Attributes

Supply voltage max: 5.25 v
Supply voltage min: 4.75 v
Maximum operaN/Ang temperature: + 70 c
MounN/Ang style: Through hole
Package / case: Pdip w
Minimum operaN/Ang temperature: 0 c
Supply current: 7 ma
Number of input lines: 10
Number of output lines: 4
Polarity: Non-inverN/Ang
High level output current: - 0.4 ma
Logic family: Ls
Logic type: Bipolar
PropagaN/Aon delay N/Ame: 33 ns at 5 v
Number of circuits: 4

Alternative Models

Part Compare Manufacturers Category Description
Mfr.Part#:DM74LS279N Compare: Current Part Manufacturers:Fairchild Category:Latches Description: Ic latch quad s/r 16-dip
Mfr.Part#:SN74LS279AN Compare: DM74LS279N VS SN74LS279AN Manufacturers:N/A Category:Latches Description: N/a sn74ls279an latch, ls family, 74ls279, sr, standard, 12ns, 8ma, dip
Mfr.Part#:SN74LS279ANE4 Compare: DM74LS279N VS SN74LS279ANE4 Manufacturers:N/A Category:Latches Description: N/a sn74ls279ane4 latch, ls family, 74ls279, sr, standard, 12ns, 8ma, dip
Mfr.Part#:DM74LS279N Compare: DM74LS279N VS DM74LS279N Manufacturers:N/A Category: Description: Latch transparent 4ch sr-type 16pin pdip


There is no relevant information available for this part yet.


Environmental & Export Classifications

There is no relevant information available for this part yet.

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Supply Voltage Max: 5.25 V
Supply Voltage Min: 4.75 V
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 70 C
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Package / Case: PDIP W
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 C
Supply Current: 7 mA
Number of Input Lines: 10
Number of Output Lines: 4
Polarity: Non-Inverting
High Level Output Current: - 0.4 mA
Logic Family: LS
Logic Type: Bipolar
Propagation Delay Time: 33 ns at 5 V
Number of Circuits: 4

There is no relevant information available for this part yet.


There is no relevant information available for this part yet.