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Jun 21 2021

S29GL128N11TFI02 Datasheets | Flash Memories Flash, 8MX16, 110ns, PDSO56, LEAD FREE, MO-142EC, TSOP-56

Product Overview

Manufacturer Part#: S29GL128N11TFI02
Product Category: Flash Memories
Stock: No
Manufacturer: Spansion
Description: Flash, 8MX16, 110ns, PDSO56, LEAD FREE, MO-142EC, TSOP-56
Datasheet: N/A
Package: LEAD FREE, MO-142EC, TSOP-56
Minimum: 1
Lead Time: 3(168 Hours)
Quantity: On Order
Send RFQ: Buy

CAD Models

Product Attributes

Manufacturer part number: S29gl128n11tfi020
Part life cycle code: Obsolete
Ihs manufacturer: Spansion inc
Package descripN/Aon: Lead free, mo-142ec, tsop-56
Reach compliance code: Unknown
Manufacturer: Spansion
Risk rank: 5.58
Access N/Ame-max: 110 ns
Alternate memory width: 8
Command user interface: Yes
Jesd-30 code: R-pdso-g56
Length: 18.4 mm
Memory density: 134217728 bit
Memory ic type: Flash
Memory width: 16
Number of funcN/Aons: 1
Number of sectors/size: 128
Number of words: 8388608 words
Number of words code: 8000000
OperaN/Ang mode: Asynchronous
OperaN/Ang temperature-max: 85 °c
OrganizaN/Aon: 8mx16
Package body material: PlasN/Ac/epoxy
Package code: Tssop
Package equivalence code: Tssop56,.8,20
Package shape: Rectangular
Package style: Small outline, thin profile, shrink pitch
Parallel/serial: Parallel
Power supplies: 3/3.3 v
QualificaN/Aon status: Not qualified
Seated height-max: 1.2 mm
Sector size: 128k
Standby current-max: 0.000005 a
Subcategory: Flash memories
Supply current-max: 0.09 ma
Supply voltage-max (vsup): 3.6 v
Supply voltage-min (vsup): 2.7 v
Technology: Cmos
Temperature grade: Industrial
Terminal form: Gull wing
Terminal pitch: 0.5 mm
Terminal posiN/Aon: Dual
Type: Nor type
Width: 14 mm
Programming voltage: 3 v
Part package code: Tsop1
Pin count: 56
Eccn code: 3a991.b.1.a
Hts code: 8542.32.00.51
Peak reflow temperature (cel): 260
Jesd-609 code: E3
Terminal finish: Matte N/An (sn)
OperaN/Ang temperature-min: -40 °c
Pbfree code: Yes
Moisture sensiN/Avity level: 3
N/Ame@peak reflow temperature-max (s): 40
Page size: 8/16 words
Factory lead N/Ame: 1 week


There is no relevant information available for this part yet.


Environmental & Export Classifications

There is no relevant information available for this part yet.

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Flash, 8mx16, 110ns, pdso56, lead free, mo-142ec, tsop-56
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Manufacturer Part Number: S29GL128N11TFI020
Part Life Cycle Code: Obsolete
Ihs Manufacturer: SPANSION INC
Package Description: LEAD FREE, MO-142EC, TSOP-56
Reach Compliance Code: unknown
Manufacturer: Spansion
Risk Rank: 5.58
Access Time-Max: 110 ns
Alternate Memory Width: 8
Command User Interface: YES
JESD-30 Code: R-PDSO-G56
Length: 18.4 mm
Memory Density: 134217728 bit
Memory IC Type: FLASH
Memory Width: 16
Number of Functions: 1
Number of Sectors/Size: 128
Number of Words: 8388608 words
Number of Words Code: 8000000
Operating Mode: ASYNCHRONOUS
Operating Temperature-Max: 85 °C
Organization: 8MX16
Package Body Material: PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code: TSSOP
Package Equivalence Code: TSSOP56,.8,20
Package Shape: RECTANGULAR
Parallel/Serial: PARALLEL
Power Supplies: 3/3.3 V
Qualification Status: Not Qualified
Seated Height-Max: 1.2 mm
Sector Size: 128K
Standby Current-Max: 0.000005 A
Subcategory: Flash Memories
Supply Current-Max: 0.09 mA
Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup): 3.6 V
Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup): 2.7 V
Technology: CMOS
Temperature Grade: INDUSTRIAL
Terminal Form: GULL WING
Terminal Pitch: 0.5 mm
Terminal Position: DUAL
Width: 14 mm
Programming Voltage: 3 V
Part Package Code: TSOP1
Pin Count: 56
ECCN Code: 3A991.B.1.A
HTS Code: 8542.32.00.51
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel): 260
JESD-609 Code: e3
Terminal Finish: Matte Tin (Sn)
Operating Temperature-Min: -40 °C
Pbfree Code: Yes
Moisture Sensitivity Level: 3
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s): 40
Page Size: 8/16 words
Factory Lead Time: 1 Week

There is no relevant information available for this part yet.


There is no relevant information available for this part yet.