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Mar 3 2021

Wearable Facial Sensors Help Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Communicate

Researchers have designed a skin-like device that attaches to the face and measures small movements like a twitch or a smile. In this way, patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) can communicate a variety of emotions through small movements that can be measured and interpreted by the devic

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Mar 2 2021

Semiconductor Market Share Outlook After COVID-19 Crisis

The chips producing today—How the semiconductor industry keeps going after the COVID-19 crisis lasted more than a year? What the competitive structure of global semiconductor industry? In 2020, the global semiconductor industry is predicted to grow by 5.1 percent compared to the previous year,

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Mar 2 2021

Infineon: New WiFi 6 Solution for Smart Homes

Digitalization is accelerating across all areas of life. From home entertainment to health tech to in-car entertainment, the number of connected consumer devices used at home or on-the-go continues to accelerate, increasing the demand for wireless connectivity. "With the accelerated growth of con

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Mar 1 2021

Intel Subsidiary Mobileye, Transdev ATS and Lohr Group Will Jointly Develop Self-driving Shuttles

Recently, Intel’s subsidiary Mobileye, Transdev ATS, a subsidiary of the Transdev Group, an autonomous driving mobility solution company, and the Lohr Group, a mobility solution manufacturer, jointly announced the tripartite strategic cooperation. According to the content of the cooperation, t

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Feb 25 2021

Global Chip Shortage Will Not End Until 2022

Reading Time: 1 Minute We have seen that almost all terminal products that use chips are affected by the global chip shortage. Among them, automobiles, PC hardware, and game consoles have suffered the most. With the sudden shift to telecommuting in most parts of the world, home entertainment pr

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Feb 24 2021

STMicroelectronics Will Exhibit 5G Solutions at MWC 2021 Shanghai Conference

STMicroelectronics (ST), the world's leading semiconductor supplier spanning multiple electronic applications, will be at the MWC 2021 Shanghai Conference (February 23-25), focusing on "STMicroelectronics, technology starts with you". The theme shows its industry-leading smart travel, power and ener

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Feb 20 2021

Infineon: New Crypto Controller Platform for Contactless and Hygienic Transactions

Infineon Technologies AG is launching 40 nm SLC36/SLC37 security controller platforms with high-performance and energy-efficient 32-bit ARM ® SecurCore ® SC300™  dual-interface security chips. The new hardware platform is complemented by a SOLID Flash™  memory and i

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Feb 19 2021

A New ScioSense Gas Sensor Can Sense Hazardous Air Quality

ScioSense has launched a new gas sensor that is the industry's closest approximation of human perception of hazardous air quality. ScioSense recently announced the launch of its new indoor air quality sensor, ENS160, which uses a sophisticated sensor fusion algorithm to calculate the measured o

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Feb 3 2021

FinFET Development: What Will be FinFETs Future in Next Five Years?

As the process technology continues to approach physical limits, although the chip industry is still struggling to keep up with Moore's Law, in addition to the slowdown of the process technology, the architecture design is also crucial. Thanks to the transition from planar transistors to fin-type FE

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Feb 2 2021

Self-help and Paradox of American Semiconductor

There is no doubt that the technological competition between China and the United States will be the main axis of the global technology industry for a long time from the past to the future. And the chip occupies a unique position among them. All along, the Chinese media have been analyzing the impa

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