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What Battery Replaces A23?

Author: Apogeeweb
Date: 4 May 2022
a23 battery equivalent


Ⅰ Introduction

Ⅱ What is An A23 Battery?

Ⅲ Popular A23 Battery Manufacturers

3.1 Duracell A23 Battery

3.2 Energizer A23 Battery

Ⅳ How to Know If the A23 Battery is Losing Power

Ⅴ A23 Battery VS. AAA Battery

Ⅵ A23 Battery VS. 2/3AAA Battery

Ⅶ A23 Battery VS. N-Cell (E90) Battery

Ⅷ A23 Battery VS. A27 Battery

Ⅸ A23 Battery Using Warning

Ⅹ A23 Battery Buying Advice

Ⅺ Frequently Asked Questions About A23 Battery


Ⅰ Introduction

The A23 Battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline cylindrical cell battery that is commonly used in small electronic devices that require more voltage, such as home security systems, garage door openers, Bluetooth headsets, key-less vehicle entry systemsvideo game controllers, cameras, and other similar devices and electronic gadgets.


Most battery manufacturers produce the A23 battery, so obtaining a replacement battery should be simple. However, the A23 battery, like many other related batteries, comes with a plethora of labelsmany of which are only used by one manufacturer


Ⅱ What is An A23 Battery?

The A23 battery is a dry battery that is mostly found in small electronic keychain radio devices such keyless vehicle entry systems.  home security systems, garage door openers, and Bluetooth headsets. This battery is also known as the 23AE, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, MN21L1028, or ANSI-1181A. An A23 battery is cylindrical and roughly two-thirds the length of a AAA cell, measuring 28.2 mm long and 10.0 mm in diameter and weighing 8 grams on average. An A23 battery has eight cells with a nominal voltage of 12 volts. The greater voltage is required for radio frequency sending and receiving devices, which are frequently powered by A23 batteries. It has a capacity of approximately 55 mAh. A23 batteries are made up of eight separate LR932 alkaline button cells that are encased in a wrapper. The A23 battery is similar in size to the N battery and has a voltage range of 1.25 V to 1.5 V. It is also similar to the A27 battery, which has the same nominal voltage of 12 V and approximately the same length but is around 20% smaller in diameter.



3.1 Duracell A23 Battery

The Duracell A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery with a nominal capacity of 60 mAh tested using a 20 k resistor/load at 20°C down to 6.0 volts.


Duracell A23 Battery


The battery has a 10% annual self-discharge rate (@20°C), a storage temperature range of 5°C to 30°C, and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.


The Duracell A23 battery is suitable for both high- and low-load applications, as well as pulse applications.


For example, when the battery is discharged at room temperature, it can perform the following functions:


- 46k load, 0.22 mA starting current, down to 6 volts: up to 315-320 hours


- 20k load, 0.52 mA starting current, down to 6 volts: up to 130 hours


- 10k load, 0.96 mA starting current, down to 6 volts: up to 60-62 hours


- 470, reduced to 8.25 volts: Approximately 40-42 minutes


- 15mA, ON/OFF in 5s/55s, down to 6.0 volts: 2150 pulses


As a result, the Duracell A23 battery is also one of the most popular A23 batteries on the market, being used in a variety of electronic products such as Bluetooth devices, game consoles, door openers, medical equipment, calculators, and so on.


The Energizer A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery with a nominal capacity of 50 mAh as measured by a 20 k resistor at 21°C down to 6.0 volts.


3.2 Energizer A23 Battery

Higher discharge currents reduce capacity; for example, at 5 mAh, capacity reduces to 43 mAh, at 10 mAh, capacity drops to 30 mAh, at 15 mAh, capacity drops to 26 mAh, and so on.


Energizer A23 Battery


Furthermore, real capacity and battery runtime are affected by the device's cutoff voltage; for example, when the battery is depleted using a 20 k resistor/load at 21°C, the normal discharge duration is:


- 92 hours down to 8.8 volts,


- 98 hours down to 7.2 volts,


- 100 hours at 6.0 volts.


As a result, the Energizer A23 battery, although being an alkaline battery, has an output voltage greater than 9.0 volts for nearly 90 percent of the discharge period when discharged using a 20 k resistor/load at 21°C.


As a result, it is one of the most common A23 batteries on the market, used to power a wide range of gadgets.


How to Know If the A23 Battery is Losing Power

A23 batteries, like many other batteries, exhibit the typical indicators of aging, including a decrease in battery life. This normally happens over time as the power of batteries degrades with age and usage.


A23 batteries tend to lose power over time and eventually fail. One of the symptoms that your equipment needs to be replaced is a loss of capacity. If it no longer holds a charge or fails to power the gadget adequately, it's probably time for a replacement.


A23 batteries are designed to offer your gadget with long-lasting power. As it loses its charge, the voltage rapidly decreases with each step down until it reaches 6 volts - at which point it enters a dead state and no longer holds any energy.


Batteries can also be affected by warm weather. In cold conditions, for example, a battery's lifespan is reduced. This happens when the molecules within lose their ionic charge and become tightly packed, reducing power output to your device. But don't be concerned. There are simple solutions to these problems, such as re-igniting them and allowing them to run at full capacity. Make cautious not to overdo it with either extreme temperature, as they have a very poor tolerance for either.


A23 Battery VS. AAA Battery

AAA Battery

AAA Battery


A23 and AAA batteries are both cylindrical batteries with a comparable diameter:


- A23 battery dimensions: 10.3 x 28.5 mm


- AAA battery dimensions: 10.5 x 44.5 mm


Two AAA batteries placed one on top of the other, on the other hand, have physical dimensions of 10.5 x 89 mm, while three A23 batteries placed one on top of the others have physical dimensions of 10.3 x 85.5 mm.


Battery compartments designed for two AAA batteries (total 3.0 volts) may accommodate three A23 batteries (total 36 volts), but the voltage differential may harm even the most robust equipment.


In a nutshell, two AAA batteries cannot and should not be replaced with three A23 batteries.


A23 Battery VS. 2/3AAA Battery

2/3AAA battery

2/3AAA battery


The physical dimensions of A23 and 2/3AAA batteries are extremely similar:


- A23 battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm,


- 2/3AAA battery: 10.5 x 29-30 mm (length may vary among the models).


While the A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline 12V battery, 2/3AAA batteries are mostly rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.2V that are commonly used in solar lights, solar lawn lamps, compact LED flashlights, digital cameras, remote control devices, toys, and other similar applications.


A23 and 2/3AAA batteries are obviously incompatible due to the voltage difference.


A23 Battery VS. N-Cell (E90) Battery

N Cell Battery

N Cell Battery


The physical dimensions of the A23 and N-cell (E90) batteries are extremely similar:


- A23 battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm


- N-cell (E90) battery: 12 x 30.2 mm


Battery compartments designed for N-cell (E90) batteries may accept A23 batteries (with some contact concerns), whereas some (but not all) battery compartments designed for A23 batteries may accept N-cell (E90) batteries.


Furthermore, both A23 and N-cell (E90) batteries are alkaline batteries – but that's where the similarities end!


A23 batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, while N-cells have a nominal voltage of 1.5V - if the A23 battery is placed in the battery compartment designed for the N-cell battery, the device may be damaged due to the large voltage difference.


In a nutshell, A23 and N-cell batteries are incompatible and should never be used interchangeably!


Note: There are numerous other common battery sizes that are extremely similar to the A23 batteries in size, but owing to voltage changes, they should not be used to replace A23 batteries and vice versa.


A23 Battery VS. A27 Battery

A27 Battery

A27 Battery


A23 and A27 batteries are fairly similar in terms of dimensions and internal structure.


While the A27 battery has dimensions of 8.0 x 28.2 mm and is made up of 8 (eight) LR632/LR732 batteries, the A23 battery has dimensions of 10.3 x 28.5 mm and is made up of 8 (eight) LR932 batteries.


So, while the heights of the A23 and A27 batteries are quite similar (28.5 mm vs 28.2 mm), the A23 batteries are broader (10.3 mm vs 8.0 mm).


Both batteries have a nominal voltage of 12 volts, however A23 has a greater capacity due to its bigger internal volume (on average, 50-60 mAh vs 20-22 mAh).


In most cases, the A27 battery will readily fit into the battery compartment designed for the A23 cell, but due to the smaller diameter, the A27 battery may have contact concerns, especially when the device is in motion.


Some devices designed to be powered by A23 batteries include a small plastic battery adapter capable of securely holding an A27 battery in place of an A23 battery - this allows the user greater flexibility in locating the required battery replacement, but if the device is regularly used, the A27 battery will be discharged much faster than the A23 battery.


A23 Battery Using Warning

The A23 battery, like any other small and shiny object, may be eaten by a child or pet - some people think 10.3x28.5 mm batteries are difficult to swallow, and they are, but...


Modern A23 batteries do not contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium, but they are still harmful, especially 12V batteries, which can cause severe internal injuries and burns when they come into contact with the body's fluids.


If the A23 or another comparable battery is ingested, contact your local emergency services immediately and follow their instructions.


That is why most manufacturers package their A23/MN21 and related batteries in so-called 'pets and kids safe packages,' which can be difficult to open even for adults - but better safe than sorry.


Ⅹ A23 Battery Buying Advice

It is critical to consider the application for which you are purchasing an A23 battery before purchasing one. If they are used as part of a household equipment that does not require high amounts of voltage, such as a flashlight or remote control, and as long as they are compatible with the device, any one should function perfectly. Before you buy, make sure to verify the specs of your device to discover the voltage and amp-hour ratings of the batteries.


Knowing which kind of batteries will work best with your devices will save you money on replacements while also maximizing the performance and power of each battery.


Ⅺ Frequently Asked Questions About A23 Battery

1. What battery is equivalent to A23?

A23 battery equivalents include 23AE, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, and MN21.


2. What are A23 batteries used for?

A23 batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, are Dry-cell batteries, and are mostly used in homes, offices, businesses, and industries to power Bluetooth headsets, garage door openers, some home security systems, and remote automobile locking electrical devices.


3. How long will a A23 battery last?

The 12V A23 Battery has a three-year shelf life. This battery is environmentally beneficial because it contains no hazardous compounds such as mercury or cadmium.


4. Are A23 and 23A batteries the same batteries?

They are, indeed, different labels for the same battery. If in doubt, always check the battery dimensions, chemistry, and voltage.


5. What is the maximum current drawn from a 12V A23 battery?

The maximum acceptable pulse current for a 12V A23 battery is in the 10-20 mA range, with a typical value of 15 mA.


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