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The AG13 Battery |Specification,Replacement and Buying Guide [FAQ]

Author: Apogeeweb
Date: 1 Mar 2022
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Ⅰ AG13 Battery Basics

    1.1 What is a AG13 Battery?

    1.2 AG13 Battery Specifications and Usage

Ⅱ AG13 Battery Replacement

Ⅲ AG13 Battery vs AG10 Battery

Ⅳ AG13 vs.LR44 vs. A76

    4.1 The Similarities: Between LR44, AG13 and A76

    4.2 The Differences: Between LR44, AG13 and A76

Ⅴ Popular Manufacturers and Their Features

Ⅵ Important Considerations while Purchasing


    1. Which is Better Alkaline or Silver Oxide?

    2. What is the Replacement for an AG13 Battery?

    3. What Duracell Battery Replaces LR44?

    4. What are the Long-term Effects of Swallowing Button Batteries?

    5. What will Happen if you Mixed up Batteries?

    6. What Batteries are Compatible with LR44?

    7. Can I Charge the AG13 Battery? 

    8. Can you Replace an AG13 Battery with an LR6 Battery?

    9. What Battery is Equivalent to AG13?

   10. What is a LR44 Battery Used for? 


If you want to learn more about the AG13 battery series or if you already know about them and want to buy some, you've come to the correct place.

Ⅰ AG13 Battery Basics

1.1 What is a AG13 Battery?

The AG13 battery is intended for devices that require a steady low power supply. They are most commonly utilized in hearing aids and electronic wristwatches. Because the power source resembles a tablet, the AG13 battery is sometimes known as a tablet.

AG13 batteries, also known as Alkaline Zinc Manganese button batteries, are mostly used in timepieces. They are equivalent in size and voltage to the SR44 batteries, commonly known as 357. They are also known as LR44, 157, A74, or LR 1154. The latter, on the other hand, are Silver Oxide batteries, which have a capacity of around three times as long a charge but a price that is three times as costly.

The standard voltage of an AG13 or LR44 battery is 1.5 volts, and the termination voltage is 0.9 volts. They have a capacity of 130mAh. The cell measures 11.6 x 5.4mm.

Alkaline Zinc Manganese has the chemical formula (-) / MnO2 (C) (+) Zn MnO2. Other industrial names for AG13 batteries include LR44, 157, A76, and LR1154.

1.2 AG13 Battery Specifications and Usage
The manganese-zinc battery AG13 is a type of manganese-zinc battery. Manganese-zinc is a well-known chemical element that functions as an energy generator. This kind has a low nominal capacity but can work for several years due to its low coefficient of self-discharge.

The following are the primary technological aspects of the tiny battery:

  • 11.6 mm in diameter
  • 5.4 mm in height;
  • 2-gram weight (can vary by several tenths of a gram from different manufacturers).

ag13 size

The battery has a nominal capacity of 110 mAh. However, some manufacturers provide products with capacities of up to 190 mAh. 1.55 volts is the rated voltage.

This battery is unique in that it can work in a wide temperature range. They work at temperatures ranging from -2 to +70 degrees.

Because they are installed in a variety of equipment, this is a useful quality. Temperamental readings can be high as a result of overheating inside the gadget, however, the AG13 battery is unaffected.


Parameter      Value
Basic designation   AG13
The form       Tablet (coin)
View     Manganese-alkaline
Capacity       110-190 mA / h Voltage 1.55 V
Diameter        11.6 mm Height 5,4 mm
Weight   ~ 2 gr

Ⅱ AG13 Battery Replacement

The AG13 battery is a non-rechargeable main cell battery. The AG13 battery has a nominal voltage of 1.5V and is a small and inexpensive Alkaline battery. This alkaline button cell battery gives your gadget a long battery life and good continuous power sources. It works well in both cold and hot temperatures. An alkaline battery is a type of battery that combines manganese dioxide and zinc to initiate a reaction. It is a less expensive alternative to silver oxide batteries, but it still has a high capacity and a long lifespan.

Specifications of the battery: Model #: AG13 Battery

  • 1.5 volts nominal voltage
  • Alkaline chemistry
  • 180 mAh capacity
  • 5.4mm in height
  • 11.6mm in diameter

039800049223 UPCThis alkaline button cell battery is used in:

  • Watches
  • Clocks
  • Calculators
  • Cameras
  • Remote Controls
  • Camcorders
  • Electronic Games
  • Digital Cameras
  • PDAs
  • Children Toys
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Electronic Instruments
  • MP3 Players
  • Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters
  • Many other electronic products

Cross Reference to the following battery:

  • Energizer A76
  • Vinnic L1154
  • MaxellLR44/AG13
  • Panasonic LR44
  • GP LR44
  • Phillips A76
  • EXELL A76
  • Tenergy AG13
  • IEC: LR44
  • Varta V13GA
  • Rayovac A76-1
  • Duracell PX76A/76A
  • Renata LR44
  • Sony A76/LR44
  • Kodak KA76
  • Ultralast UL76A
  • UCAR A76
  • Mallory LR44
  • Berec BLR44
  • Chateau AG13
  • CNB G13A
  • Eveready A76
  • NEDA 1166A

The AG13 battery is designed for the following models:

The AG13 is also compatible with the following battery models.

AG13, LR44 Watch, LR44 1.5V, GPA76 Alkaline, L1154, L1154H, AG13 Button Cell, GPA76 Button, BLR44, 1154, GPA76, LR44 Soda Button Cell, AG13 Button, 357A Button Cell, GPA76 Alkaline Cell, L1154F Energy, CX44, LR44 Alkaline, L1154F Energy, CX

AWI S05 / S15 Gold Peak GP57 / / GPA76 Panasonic SP76 / SR44
Beric BLR44 JIS G13F / G13R / GS13 Pentax ME Super / LR44/ SR44
Bright Star S15 Kodak KS76 Renata 228 / R357
Bulova 228 Lumiscope 2018 RadioShack 357 / 23-009
CNB G13-A Mallory LR44 Rayovac RS76 / RS76-2 / RW22 / RW82/ RW42
Chateau AG13 MGA MGA-2200 Sony 76-S
Citizen 280-08 / 280-904 Maxell 313 / LR44 / SR44P / SR07 / SR44SW Seiko SB-F9
Duracell 10L14 / D357 / D76/ 10SL17 / MS76 / 303-357 / SR44 / MS76H / 76A Nexxtech 357A Timex KA / T535B
Energizer 357 / 303/ A76/ BS07 / BSR44H / EPX76 Phillips A76 Toshiba SR44W / SR44SW
GP76 Hyundai AG13 Pentax LX S-76 Varta V13GA/ V76PX / V76HS

AG13 Battery vs AG10 Battery

Is an AG10 button battery the same as an AG13 button battery? No, their diameters are the same, but AG10 is thinner (about 3.1 mm vs. about 5.4 mm for the AG13). As a result, the AG13 has somewhat more than double the capacity of the AG10.

If you're wondering which one you have, and AG10 is roughly the thickness of two US/Canadian pennies or Euro cents; an AG13 is roughly the thickness of three US quarters or Canadian toonies, slightly thicker than three Euro cents, or little less than the diameter of a pencil.

An AG10 battery may fit in a device meant for an AG13, but it will most likely not establish good contact. If it fits, it will work, but only for a short while. An AG13 will very certainly not fit in a device built for an AG10.

The IEC designation for the AG10 is SR1131 and for the AG13 is SR1154; the first two digits are the diameter in millimeters and the second two digits are the height in tenths of millimeters. Confusion ensues when the AG10/SR1131 is referred to as SR54 and the AG13/SR1154 is referred to as SR44. This could be the reason for your confusion: SR54 is not the same as SR1154.

These are silver oxide batteries (thus the "AG" suffix); alkaline batteries are also available. The alkaline equivalent of the AG10 is LR54 or LR1131; for the AG13, it is LR44 or LR1154. The "L" models are less expensive, but they don't last as long—you probably won't notice the difference.

If you live in the United States, you can usually get Duracell and Energizer versions of these batteries at your local drugstore. The Duracell 389/390 is the Duracell counterpart of the AG10 battery, and the Energizer equivalent is likewise 389; both are silver oxide batteries. Duracell's counterpart is 303/357 or 303/357/76 (silver oxide), while Energizer's equivalent is A76 (alkaline).

 AG13 vs.LR44 vs. A76

As previously stated, mercury-oxide batteries are no longer commercially available or have been phased out due to their dangerous mercury content.

When compared to alkaline batteries, zinc-air batteries have a lower voltage output (1.4 V vs. 1.5V). However, some battery types may store 600 or 700 mAh, making them excellent for devices with high power consumption, such as digital cameras and MP3 players.

Silver-oxide batteries are like a superior form of alkaline batteries because they have 1.55 volts instead of the standard 1.5, and their voltage remains consistent at roughly 12 when in operation. Smaller gadgets should be powered by silver-oxide batteries. Alkaline batteries are less expensive and more adaptable, but they lack the voltage required to power such gadgets. You're aware that silver-oxide batteries are more expensive than alkaline batteries, but the price difference is justified when you consider their features and performance. The cost difference between them is negligible in larger shipments.

Alkaline batteries are a great choice for everyday use and small electronic gadgets. They're inexpensive, dependable, and offer a reasonable capacity of 110-130 mAh, depending on your device's cut-off voltage.

AG13 (Eurobatt): Alkaline battery with 1.5V, 0.9V nominal, and cut-off voltages, with a capacity of 130 mAh.

LR44 (Murata): Alkaline battery having 1.5V, 0.9/1.2V nominal, and cut-off voltages, with a capacity of 130 mAh.

SR44 (Murata): Silver oxide battery with 1.55V nominal, 1.2V nominal, and cut-off voltages, with a capacity of 155 mAh.

357 (Energizer): Silver oxide battery having 1.55V, 1.2V nominal and cut-off voltages, and a capacity of 150 mAh.

4.1 The Similarities: Between LR44, AG13 and A76

The LR44, AG13, and A76 have significant similarities that allow them to be used interchangeably.

Battery size, chemistry, and voltage are all shared by the LR44, AG13, and A76 battery. Furthermore, none of these batteries is rechargeable.

Size: 11.6mm x 5.4mm (Diameter x Height)

The physical size is the most evident comparison. Any battery meant to be used in place of an LR44 should have a diameter of 11.6mm and a thickness of 5.4mm to meet international standards. The size is crucial, as even a minor difference means that the battery will not fit in many of the compact devices for which it is designed.

Chemistry: Alkaline

Alkaline is the most common chemistry for these three battery categories. The AG13 battery and A76 battery designations, on the other hand, can deviate from the standard because they are manufacturer's component numbers.

Energizer's AG13 type battery, for example, employs silver oxide chemistry. A silver oxide battery can live up to three times longer than an alkaline cell.

The disadvantage of silver oxide batteries is their high cost. They are more expensive than alkaline equivalents, however, depending on how the batteries are utilized, a balance can be reached.

Voltage: 1.5 – 1.55 Volts

When new, all kinds of this battery produce 1.5 or 1.55 volts. The important element here is how the voltage will decline when in use. Throughout its useful life, the voltage of a common alkaline battery will drop to roughly 1 volt. Silver oxide variants are more expensive and have more stable voltages over time, often maintaining at least 1.2 volts.


None of these batteries is rechargeable, and attempting to recharge them is risky.

4.2 The Differences: Between LR44, AG13 and A76

As previously demonstrated, the three battery types, LR44, AG13, and A76, are interchangeable. But are there any distinctions that might lead you to prefer one over the other?

LR44 vs. AG13 vs. A76: Similarities & Difference

Battery Capacity

The voltage will always be 1.55 volts, however, the capacity of the battery can fluctuate. The usual capacity of an LR44 battery is between 110 and 130 mAh.

This is determined by the chemistry employed and the quality of the components. Silver oxide batteries can yield between 150 and 200 mAh, allowing them to last longer. Purchasing a branded product over a generic item will usually result in a more powerful battery, but it will be more expensive.

You may have a preferred brand. Perhaps you've tried every brand and discovered one that lasts longer or performs better. Part numbers are assigned to objects by different manufacturers.

There are numerous AG13 battery producers in both Russia and abroad. Replace with an analog battery from any firm that has the same size and weight as the original but is made by a different manufacturer.

Duracell, Camelion, and Varta batteries are very efficient in terms of performance and durability. They can now be purchased in product marketplaces for 10 rubles.


According to customer reports, they last around 20% longer than others, or roughly four years. Miniature power supplies and additional companies should be considered:

  • Energizer
  • Renata
  • Minamoto
  • Robiton

Hearing Aid Battery 675 Batteries are installed in small items, and it is sometimes inconvenient to do so on their own, or power supplies are inadequately adjusted after installation. Special holders aid in the resolution of this issue. They can be added, although this raises the price slightly

 Important Considerations while Purchasing

The AG13 battery must be of the appropriate size. Even a one-millimeter oscillation will not allow it to be repaired. Size information can be discovered in the device's instruction manual or on an old battery.

the ag13 battery

In addition, consideration should be given to:

  • power and voltage;
  • voltage and capacitance
  • the holder's existence in the kit;
  • a set of temperature settings for operation
  • Important! The concern of employing small food sources is that they can be swallowed by children. The materials induce toxicity if they enter the esophagus. Children should not be given devices containing such batteries.


1. Which is Better Alkaline or Silver Oxide?

The CR2 battery, which is used in cameras, weapon-mounted lights, golf rangefinders, EDC flashlights, and security gadgets, is highly regarded worldwide. A CR2 battery is a typical cylindrical lithium battery. This is the sort of battery that is found in cameras (such as the CR2).

2. What is the Replacement for an AG13 Battery?

Medic Batteries stocks high-quality lithium and silver oxide button cell batteries from Energizer. The Energizer 357 AG13 battery is a substitute for the LR44 and AG13 button cell batteries. The Energizer watch battery 377/376 replaces the SR626SW watch battery.

3. Are AG13 and A76 Batteries the Same?

The Energizer A76 battery replaces the LR44, AG13, and SR44 batteries. How to avoid issues with batteries in electronic devices. The Zero Mercury Energizer A76 is a 1.5 Volt alkaline button cell battery with several drains.

4. What are the Long-term Effects of Swallowing Button Batteries?

If a person swallows button batteries, they will feel a burning feeling in their throat and neck. If this occurs, get medical attention immediately because swallowing these types of cells can be dangerous.

5. What will Happen if you Mix up Batteries?

When two different battery types are used together, the one with the lower voltage will deplete faster than it would ordinarily. When charged and discharged at the same rate, the mixed cells are expected to have a similar life span.

6. What Batteries are Compatible with LR44?

The LR44 battery is a 1.5 V alkaline battery. AG13.L1154 is the most common comparable battery.

7. Can I Charge the AG13 Battery? 

Because of the design features and chemical ingredients utilized in the composition, the AG13 battery does not charge. This, however, is not a necessary quality. The power source has a low cost and can be used for several years without losing functionality. As a result, the question of whether AG13 can be ignited is not particularly important. It is only possible to charge batteries.

8. Can you Replace an AG13 Battery with an LR6 Battery?

LR6 is an Alkaline call in the AA size.

AG13 Button Batteries are also known as 303, 357, LR44, L1154, A76...

An LR6 would have the necessary voltage and current capacity. and are far more durable.

However, because of significant physical size and shape variations, it would be difficult to engage the LR6 with contacts in a device using the button cell.

If you connect it successfully, it will work for a much longer period of time. The majority of items that use an AG13 size button cell do so to attain a modest size and profile. That, too, will be defeated.

9. What Battery is Equivalent to AG13?

AG13Button Energizer 357 - AG13 Equivalent Cell BatteriesMedic Batteries carries the Energizer 357/303 battery, which is an AG13 equivalent. The Energizer357/303 replaces all AG13 button cell batteries, which are found in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers, and other electronic devices.

10. What is an LR44 Battery Used for? 

The LR44 1.5V Battery is a 1.5-volt alkaline button cell battery that is intended for general use. The LR44 1.5V Battery is commonly found in watches, calculators, and medical devices. A button cell battery is a tiny, round battery with a diameter of 11.6mm (0.457 inches) and a thickness of 5.4mm (0.211 inches).












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