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    Alternative Parts

    Image Part Compare Manufacturer Category Description
    Image:531102B02500G Mfr.Part#:531102B02500G Compare: Current Part Manufacturers:Aavid Thermalloy Category:Heatsinks Description:AAVID THERMALLOY 531102B02500G Heat Sink, Square, PCB, Extruded, With Radial Fins, TO-220, 10.4℃/W, 12.7mm, 34.92mm, 38.1mm
    Image:531102B02100G Mfr.Part#:531102B02100G Compare: 531102B02500G VS 531102B02100G Manufacturers:Aavid Thermalloy Category:Heatsinks Description:AAVID THERMALLOY 531102B02100G Heat Sink, TO-220, TO-220, 10.4℃/W, 38.1mm, 34.9mm, 12.7mm
    Image:MC33264 Mfr.Part#:MC33264 Compare: 531102B02500G VS MC33264 Manufacturers:Multicomp Category:Heatsinks Description:Heat Sink; Packages Cooled: TO-220; Thermal Resistance: 11℃/W; Width: 34.9mm; Height: 38.1mm; Length: 12.7mm; Mounti...
    Image:637-15ABPE Mfr.Part#:637-15ABPE Compare: 531102B02500G VS 637-15ABPE Manufacturers:Wakefield Engineering Category:Heatsinks Description:WAKEFIELD SOLUTIONS 637-15ABPE Heat Sink, Square, PCB, Black Anodized, Wave-Solderable, TO-220, 10.83℃/W, 38.1mm, 34.9mm