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OPA2604 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Circuit

Author: Iggy Date: 4 Mar 2021  126

The OPA2604 is a dual, FET-input operational amplifier. 

This blog gives you a basic overview of the OPA2604 operational amplifier, including its pinout, features and specifications, similar products, and more, to help you quickly understand what the OPA2604 is.
We will be happy to find this blog useful for people who like electronic components 😊.


OPA2604 Pinout

OPA2604 Features

OPA2604 Application

OPA2604 Advantage

OPA2604 Circuit

OPA2604 Equivalent / Replacement

OPA2604 Manufacturer

Component Datasheet

OPA2604 Pinout

The OPA2604 op-amp has a total of 8 pins. However, you need to understand the function of each pin to work better for you.

The OPA2604 pinout is shown below.

OPA2604 Pinout

In addition, the pin functions of the OPA2604 are described below:

Pin NO.

Pin Name

Pin Description


Output A

Output Of Amplifier A


-In A

Inverting Input Of Amplifier A Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier A


+In A

Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier A



Negative Power Supply


+In B

Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier B


-In B

Inverting Input Of Amplifier B


Output B

Output Of Amplifier B



Positive Power Supply

OPA2604 Features

  • Low Distortion: 0.0003% At 1khz
  • Unity-gain Stable
  • Wide Supply Range: Vs = ±4.5 To ±24v
  • Drives 600ω Loads
  • High Slew Rate: 25v/µs
  • Low Noise: 10nv/√hz
  • Wide Gain-bandwidth: 20mhz

OPA2604 Application

  • Professional Audio Equipment
  • Transducer Amplifier
  • Data Acquisition
  • PCM DAC I/V Converter
  • Active Filters
  • Spectral Analysis Equipment

OPA2604 Advantage

OPA2604 Op Amp IC

The OPA2604 is a dual FET input operational amplifier designed for enhanced AC performance. Extremely low distortion, low noise and wide bandwidth provide excellent performance for high quality audio and other applications requiring excellent dynamic performance. New circuit technology and special laser trimming of dynamic circuit performance produce extremely low harmonic distortion. The result is an op-amp with excellent audio quality. the OPA2604's low-noise FET input provides a wide dynamic range, even at high source impedances. The offset voltage is laser-trimmed to minimize the need for interstage coupling capacitors. the OPA2604 is available in an 8-pin plastic mini-DIP and SO-8 surface mount package and is specified over a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C.

OPA2604 Circuit

Circuit schematics can help us better understand how a component or chip is used in a circuit and how it works. Making them work in an actual circuit is a reference.


OPA2604 Equivalent / Replacement

The equivalent of OPA2604 is OPA2134.

Before choosing an alternative, please understand the differences and compare the data sheet, pinout and application.

OPA2604 Manufacturer

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is an American technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. It is one of the top 10 semiconductor companies worldwide based on sales volume. The company's focus is on developing analog chips and embedded processors, which account for more than 80% of its revenue. TI also produces TI digital light processing technology and education technology products including calculators, microcontrollers and multi-core processors. The company holds 45,000 patents worldwide as of 2016.

Component Datasheet

OPA2604 Datasheet

Ordering & Quality

Photo Mfr. Part # Company Description Package PDF Qty Pricing
OPA2604AP OPA2604AP Company:Texas Instruments Remark:General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit Differential 8-PDIP Package:8-DIP (0.300"", 7.62mm)
In Stock:On Order
OPA2604AU OPA2604AU Company:Texas Instruments Remark:General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit Differential 8-SOIC Package:8-SOIC (0.154"", 3.90mm Width)
In Stock:On Order

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