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MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT: CAD Models, Datasheet, Features

Author: Candy
Date: 13 Sep 2022
MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Features


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Product Overview


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Pin Configuration

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Block Diagram

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Features

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Applications

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Datasheet

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Specifications

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Package Dimensions

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Manufacturer

Using Warning


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Product Overview

A high-performance multiple input/output serial Flash memory device is the MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT. It has an advanced write protection system, a high-speed SPI compatible bus interface, execute-in-place (XIP) functionality, and expanded address access. The transfer bandwidth for READ and PROGRAM operations can be doubled or quadrupled thanks to new, high-performance dual and quad input/output commands.



The following figure is MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model.



Figure: PCB Symbol




Figure: Footprint




Figure: 3D Models


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Pin Configuration

The following figure is MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Pin Configuration.



Figure: Pin Configuration


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Block Diagram

The following figure is MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Block Diagram.



Figure: Block Diagram


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Features

  • Dedicated 64-byte OTP area outside main memory

– Readable and user-lockable

– Permanent lock with PROGRAM OTP command

  • Erase capability

– Bulk erase

– Sector erase 64KB uniform granularity

– Subsector erase 4KB, 32KB granularity

  • Security and write protection

– Volatile and nonvolatile locking and software

write protection for each 64KB sector

– Nonvolatile configuration locking

– Password protection

– Hardware write protection: nonvolatile bits

(BP[3:0] and TB) define protected area size

– Program/erase protection during power-up

– CRC detects accidental changes to raw data

  • Electronic signature

– JEDEC-standard 3-byte signature (BA18h)

– Extended device ID: two additional bytes identify

device factory options

  • JESD47H-compliant

– Minimum 100,000 ERASE cycles per sector

– Data retention: 20 years (TYP)

  • SPI-compatible serial bus interface
  • Single and double transfer rate (STR/DTR)
  • Clock frequency

– 133 MHz (MAX) for all protocols in STR

– 90 MHz (MAX) for all protocols in DTR

  • Dual/quad I/O commands for increased throughput up to 90 MB/s
  • Supported protocols in both STR and DTR

– Extended I/O protocol

– Dual I/O protocol

– Quad I/O protocol

  • Execute-in-place (XIP)
  • Volatile and nonvolatile configuration settings
  • Software reset
  • Additional reset pin for selected part numbers


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Applications

  • Radar
  • Wristwatches
  • Computers
  • Video processor
  • Televisions
  • Logic devices
  • Juice makers
  • Memory devices


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Datasheet

You can download the datasheet from the link given below:


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Datasheet


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Specifications

Type Description
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Mfr Micron Technology Inc.
Series -
Package Tape & Reel (TR)
Cut Tape (CT)
Product Status Active
Memory Type Non-Volatile
Memory Format FLASH
Technology FLASH - NOR
Memory Size 128Mb (16M x 8)
Memory Interface SPI
Clock Frequency 133 MHz
Write Cycle Time - Word, Page 8ms, 2.8ms
Voltage - Supply 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.209", 5.30mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SO
Base Product Number MT25QL128

MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Package Dimensions

The following figure is MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Package Dimensions.



Figure: Package Dimensions


MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Manufacturer

One of the top suppliers of cutting-edge semiconductor solutions in the world is Micron. The most cutting-edge computing, networking, and communications equipment available today, such as computers, workstations, servers, mobile phones, wireless devices, digital cameras, and gaming consoles, all make use of Micron's DRAM and Flash components.


Using Warning

Note: Please check their parameters and pin configuration before replacing them in your circuit.


Ordering & Quality

Photo Mfr. Part # Company Description Package PDF Qty Pricing
MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT Company:Micron Remark:NOR Flash SPI FLASH NOR SLC 32MX4 SOIC Package:N/A
In Stock:On Order
1+: $2.39000
10+: $2.20000
25+: $2.14000
100+: $1.94000
250+: $1.93000
500+: $1.91000
1000+: $1.81000
1500+: $1.62000
4500+: $1.49000

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