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Circular connector RM12BRB-6PH for the technology industries: CAD model, datasheet, features, applications [FAQs&Video]

Author: Susie
Date: 14 Jan 2023



RM12BRB-6PH Overview

RM12BRB-6PH Related Video Introduction

RM12BRB-6PH CAD Models

RM12BRB-6PH Connectors with Bayonet Sleeve

RM12BRB-6PH Features

RM12BRB-6PH Applications

RM12BRB-6PH Datasheet

RM12BRB-6PH Specifications

RM12BRB-6PH Manufacturer

RM12BRB-6PH Precautions



RM12BRB-6PH Overview


A circular connector is made up of two parts: a cylindrical, multi-pin male plug and a female receptacle with corresponding sockets that, when mated, are designed to power or transmit electrical signals. The RM12BRB-6PH belongs to the category of the circular connector, it used generally applied to some applications such as modern technology and etc. You could try back ordering them from a larger distributor like Kynix. Its manufacturers are expanding production capacity If you have been having issues with parts going out of stock.



Video Description: It describes the fundamental circular connector introduction.



RM12BRB-6PH CAD Models


The RM12BRB-6PH CAD Models are as follows.






RM12BRB-6PH Connectors with Bayonet Sleeve


Circular connectors RM12BRB-6PH with a bayonet sleeve locking mechanism and a 12 shell size. The shell of RM12BRB-6PH circular connectors is nickel plated brass and zinc alloy, with a synthetic resin insulator.


Size 12 shell


See the Kynix electronic component distribitor, for example, stock Manufacturer Part #: RM12BRB-6PH.



RM12BRB-6PH Features


The RM12BRB-6PH provides a wide selection of plug and receptacle types to satisfy various kinds of application requirements.

The RM series features are as follows.
• The RM series available position counts : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 20.
• Available lock mechanisms : threaded coupling type, bayonet sleeve type, and quick detachable type.


RM12BRB-6PH Applications

The RM12BRB-6PH applications are as follows.
• Consumer(Smart appliances)
• Automotive(Automotive car)
• Industrial machinery(Industrial automation)
• Telecommunications/Networking
• Modern technology(Aerospace)


RM12BRB-6PH Datasheet

You can download the datasheet from the link given below:



RM12BRB-6PH Specification


Attribute Value
Number of Contacts 6
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Plug/Socket Socket
Termination Method Solder
Contact Gender Male
Current Rating 5.0A
Voltage Rating 350 V ac
Shell Size 12
Mating Type Bayonet
Body Orientation Straight
Series RM
Contact Plating Silver
Housing Material Brass
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +85°C
Contact Material Copper

RM12BRB-6PH Manufacturer

Hirose Electronic responds to all connector needs with advanced and cutting-edge development. It has successfully developed a high contact reliability connector with an operating temperature range of -40 to 140°C that meets the most stringent requirements. As one of the distributors, this enables us to supply high-value-added products to the world's markets.


RM12BRB-6PH Circular Connector Hirose Precautions

The RM12BRB-6PH precautions are as follows.
1. Be sure the power is off before mating/unmating a connector.
2. Be sure to use a connector with female contacts for the power side of the circuit.
3. Be sure to engage the lock mechanism on the connectors.
4. Regarding plugs and jacks : the forces from cable clamping, cable rotation, and other forces may vary with the cable construction. Please make sure that your cable is suitable for use with these connectors before usage and production.
5. This product series uses silver plated contacts. Silver reacts easily to exposure to sulfur gas so the below conditions may cause tarnishing.
• Dusty environments
• Area with a high concentration area of gases such as sulfur dioxide gas, hydrogen sulfide gas, nitrogen dioxide gas
and so on.
Example; In close proximity to factory exhaust, automotive emissions, etc.
• Close to heaters, or in other areas marked by extreme temperature differences or high humidity.
• Close to rubber products includes rubber adhesives.
The Electrical connection is not affected by tarnishing on a silver surface due to the wiping effect of the contact pins.
Packing state; Packed in original packing or equivalent container
Temperature -10 to +60°C; Humidity 85% Max
(It is recommended that the product be stored in an area of normal level of temperature and humidity, and free of any
temperature fluctuation)


How can choose to buy the best circular connectors CM50DY-24H for the technology industries?

Here at Kynix Electronic component distributor, we are always on the lookout for the best products at the best prices to assist with modern technologies like circular connectors. We offer waterproof, high voltage/current connectors rated IP68 all the way down to 6mm low voltage connectors. Mating styles include screw and twist-lock, as well as bayonet and push-pull. There would be great prices and the fastest shipping be of your services. Just fill out the form so you could get a free sample from Kynix. These are some of the promising solutions.

Where are circular connectors CM50DY-24H used?

Circular connectors are common in military, aerospace, and harsh industrial applications. CM50DY-24H is the common example standard. You can browse the blog to learn more details about the circular connectors CM50DY-24H.

What should we know about the shells, inserts, contacts and backshells?

Circular connector RM12BRB-6PH is made up of two circular parts: a multi-pin male plug and a multi-socket female receptacle. A circular shell made of plastic or metal encases an insulating insert, which in turn orients electrical contacts or pins in the male plug. The female receptacle houses the corresponding sockets with which the pins mate or connect. Shell diameters range from nano miniature circular shells a few millimeters across to those 50 mm or larger.

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