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DRV8825 Motor Driver Module: Pinout, Datasheet, Application [Video]

Author: Mia Date: 15 Apr 2021  1669

drv8825 pinout

The DRV8825 Motor Driver Module is a driver with two H-bridge drives and a microstepping indexer. The driver has a maximum output capacity of 45 V and ± 2.5 A. It can operate bipolar stepper motors in full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32-step modes. This driver module is generally used in Robotics, ATMs and Gaming Machines.

This is a tutorial video showing how to control stepper motor driver with DRV8825 Module.


DRV8825 Module Pinout

DRV8825 Specification

DRV8825 Features

DRV8825 Alternatives

DRV8825 VS A4988

How to Use DRV8825 Driver Module

DRV8825 Applications

DRV8825 IC Dimensions

Component Datasheet

DRV8825 Module Pinout

DRV8825 Module Pinout


Pin Name Description
VDD & GND Connected to 5V and GND of Controller
VMOT & GND MOT Used to power the motor
B1, B2 & A1, A2 Output Pins, Connected to the 4 Wires of motor
DIRECTION Motor Direction Control pin
STEP Steps Control Pin
M0, M1, M2 Microstep Selection Pins
FAULT Fault Detection Pin
SLEEP Pins For Controlling Power States


DRV8825 Specification

  • Max. Operating Voltage: 45 V

  • Min. Operating Voltage: 8.2 V

  • Max. Current Per Phase: 2.5 A

  • PCB Size: 15 mm x 20 mm

DRV8825 Features

  • Six step resolution: Full step, ½ step, ¼ step, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 step

  • Adjustable output current via potentiometer

  • Automatic current decay mode detection

  • Over temperature shutdown circuit

  • Under-voltage lock out

  • Over current shutdown

DRV8825 Alternatives


Alternatives for DRV8825: A4988, A498, L6474, L6207, L6208, TMC2208, TMC2209

DRV8825 VS A4988

a4988 stepper motor driverA4988 stepper motor driver


The DRV8825 carrier was designed to be as familiar to  A4988 stepper motor driver carriers as possible, and it can be used as a drop-in replacement for the A4988 carrier in many applications due to its similar size, pinout, and general control interface. There are a few distinctions to be made between the two modules:


  • Because the DRV8825 does not require a logic supply, the pin used to supply logic voltage to the A4988 is used as the DRV8825's FAULT output (and the A4988 does not have a fault output). Because it is safe to connect the FAULT pin directly to a logic supply (a 1.5k resistor is placed between the IC output and the pin to protect it), the DRV8825 module can be used in A4988-based systems that route logic power to this pin.

  • The DRV8825's SLEEP pin is not pulled up by default, as it is on the A4988, but the carrier board does connect it to the FAULT pin via a 10k resistor. As a result, systems designed for the A4988 that route logic power to the FAULT pin have a 10k pull-up on the SLEEP pin. (The initial (md20a) version of the DRV8825 carrier lacks this 10k resistor.)

  • The current limit potentiometer is in a different location.

  • The relationship between the current limit setting and the reference pin voltage is different.

  • The DRV8825 has 1/32-step microstepping, whereas the A4988 only has 1/16-step.

  • On the DRV8825, the mode selection pin inputs corresponding to 1/16-step on the A4988 result in 1/32-step microstepping. The step selection table for all other microstepping resolutions is the same for both the DRV8825 and the A4988.

  • For the two drivers, the timing requirements for minimum pulse durations on the STEP pin differ. When using the DRV8825, the high and low STEP pulses must be at least 1.9us long; when using the A4988, they can be as short as 1 us.

  • The DRV8825 has a higher maximum supply voltage than the A4988 (45 V vs 35 V), which means it can be used at higher voltages more safely and is less vulnerable to damage from LC voltage spikes.

  • Without any additional cooling, the DRV8825 can deliver more current than the A4988 (based on our full-step tests: 1.5 A per coil for the DRV8825 vs 1.2 A per coil for the A4988 and 1 A per coil for the original A4988 carrier).

  • The stepper motor outputs on the DRV8825 have a different naming convention, but they are functionally the same as the corresponding pins on the A4988 carrier, so the same connections to both drivers result in the same stepper motor behavior. The first part of the label on both boards identifies the coil (so coils “A” and “B” on the DRV8825 and coils “1” and “2” on the A4988).

  • Color-sensitive applications should be aware that the DRV8825 carrier is purple.

How to Use DRV8825 Driver Module

The interface diagram for DRV8825 is shown below. You can control the stepper motor with very few pins using the DRV8825. The module has a pinout and interface that are almost identical to those of the A4988 stepper motor driver carrier.

DRV8255 Schematic Diagram

DRV8255 Schematic Diagram


As shown in the diagram above, the module pins DIR, STEP and FAULT are connected to the microcontroller to drive the stepper motor. STEP pin used to control steps while the DIR pin is used to control directions. The DRV8825 also features an FAULT pin, the Fault pin is shortened to the SLEEP pin, so whenever the Fault pin is low, the whole chip is disabled. Microstep pins (M0, M1 and M2) are used to operate the driver module in a variety of step functions. In the above circuit M0, M1, and M2 pins left off, this means that the driver will operate in full-step mode. DRV8825 has low-ESR ceramic capacitors on board, making it vulnerable to voltage spikes.


Therefore, it is recommended to put an at least 47µf capacitor across the motor power supply pins. It is commonly used in controlling the NEMA series stepper motors like NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34.

DRV8825 Applications

  • Automatic Teller Machines

  • Money Handling Machines

  • Video Security Cameras

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Office Automation Machines

  • Gaming Machines

  • Factory Automation

  • Robotics

DRV8825 IC Dimensions

DRV8825 IC Dimensions

Component Datasheet

DRV8825 Datasheet


Ordering & Quality

Photo Mfr. Part # Company Description Package PDF Qty Pricing
DRV8825PWPR DRV8825PWPR Company:Texas Instruments Remark:IC MTR DRVR BIPLR 8.2-45V 28SSOP Package:28-PowerTSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width)
In Stock:40000
2000+: $2.04800
6000+: $1.98400
10000+: $1.92000

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