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How to Reduce TRIAC Fault in Switching Circuits?

By ,  what is triac, how does a triac work, triac application, triac switch circuit, what are triac symbols, triac control circuits, triac vs scr, thyristor vs triac, ac power control, thriac definition, thriac current leakage, thriac fault reduce

IntroductionTRIAC is an electronic component that is widely used in alternating current power control. It is a three terminal electronic component that conducts current in either direct...

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Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) Overview: Working, Types and Applications

By ,  What is the difference between ADC and DAC in a microcontroller, What is the slowest ADC, How does the ADC inside an micro-controller works, How to use an ADC IC, Applications of ADCs, Working of ADC, Microcontrollers

Ⅰ IntroductionIn an analog world, surrounded by digital devices, we exist. In nature, everything we see, feel or measure is identical, such as light, temperature, speed, pressure, ...

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