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The Best Guide to Capacitor Code

By ,  Capacitor Code,Dielectric Capacitor,Film Capacitor,Capacitance,Ceramic Capacitor,Disc Capacitor,pico-farad,nano-farad,micro-farad,Electrolytic Capacitor,Capacitor Conversion,

  Ⅰ IntroductionWhen connected to a voltage source, capacitors are basic passive devices that can store an electrical charge on their plates. The capacitor, like a miniature ...

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A Guide to Color Code of Resistor

By ,  Color Code of Resistor,1 Ohm Resistor Color Code,10 Ohm Resistor Color Code,100 Ohm Resistor Color Code, 120 Ohm Resistor Color Code,150 Ohm Resistor Color Code

IntroductionColor-coded resistor values are commonly used. Color bands are used to identify almost all leaded resistors with a power rating of up to one watt. The international standard...

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