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Nov 30 2020

In-Memory Computing Technology Overview

IntroductionIn-memory computing (IMC), a technique of the future computing, stores data in RAM to run calculations entirely in computer memory. With the rise of the big data era, faster data processing capabilities are required. Computer memory and storage space are also growing exponentia

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Nov 21 2020

What is a RC Filter Circuit?

IntroductionAs we all know, the most basic passive linear components are resistors (R), capacitors (C) and inductive components (L). These components can be used to form 4 different circuits: RC circuit, RL circuit, LC circuit and RLC circuit. They have some important properties for analog electroni

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Nov 21 2020

Blood Oxygen Measurement on Smartwatches: Is it Reliable?

IntroductionIn September of this year, Apple's new generation of watch Apple watch series 6 launched the blood oxygen measurement function. In the following month or two, smart watches with blood oxygen measurement function were released together, vivo WATCH, Huawei Watch GT2, Honor Watch GS Pro, Hu

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Nov 6 2020

Ideal Op-Amp Circuit Characteristics Update

IntroductionOperational amplifier (op amp for short) is basically a voltage amplifying device designed to be used with components like capacitors and resistors, between its in/out terminals, or is simply a linear Integrated Circuit (IC) having multiple-terminals. In electronics, the open-l

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Oct 30 2020

How to Test a Diode in Circuit with a Multimeter?

IntroductionSemiconductor diode, also known as crystal diode, has obvious unidirectional conductivity. It is a kind of electronic components widely used in electrical equipment for protection, rectification, switching, and many other applications. So it is pretty common to see diodes in daily electr

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Oct 26 2020

Humidity Sensor: Working, Types, Application and Arduino Guide

IntroductionThe humidity sensor is a sensor that measures relative humidity, absolute humidity, or dew point. At present, such sensors are widely used, and are gradually developing in the direction of excellent environmental resistance, long life, and low price. This article will introduce the work

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Oct 20 2020

Time Delay Relay Basics: Relay Circuit and Applications

IntroductionTime relay refers to a kind of relay whose output circuit needs to make an obvious change (or contact action) after adding (or removing) the input action signal in a specified and accurate time. It is an electrical component used in a circuit with a lower voltage or a

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Oct 13 2020

PCB Design: How to Draw Circuit Diagram of PCB?

IntroductionPCB exists in every electronic device. A fully functional PCB is mainly used to create connections between components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, integrated chips, etc. It is the carrier of the entire logic circuit. Sound PCB design can save production

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Oct 10 2020

What are Series RLC Circuit and Parallel RLC Circuit?

IntroductionRLC circuit is a circuit structure composed of resistance (R), inductance (L), and capacitance (C). The LC circuit is a simple example. RLC circuits are also called second-order circuits. The voltage or current in the circuit is the solution of a second-order differential equation, and i

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Sep 17 2020

What is A Bandpass Filter?

IntroductionA band pass filter is an electronic device or circuit that allows signals between two specific frequencies to pass. That is, allowing signals in a specific frequency band to pass while shielding other frequency bands. In other words, a band-pass filter attenuates frequency components in

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