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Dec 31 2020

What is an Isolation Transformer?

CatalogⅠ Isolation Transformer DefinitionⅡ Isolation Transformer ConstructionⅢ How Isolation Transformers Work?Ⅳ What's the Main Function of an Isolation Transformer?Ⅴ Special Purpose Isolation Transformers 5.1 Pulse Transformers 5.2 Austin Transformers 5.3 Instrument TransformersⅥ Wh

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Dec 24 2020

9 Alarm Systems Circuit Design for Smart Home Devices

IntroductionThe circuit reflects the electrical connection of various components in electronic products and equipment, so as to help people become familiar with the circuit structure and working principle of electronic devices as soon as possible. Here, we will introduce several available home hobby

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Dec 22 2020

Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

CatalogCatalogⅠ Oscillation DefinitionⅡ Definition of Voltage Controlled OscillatorⅢ Types of Voltage Controlled Oscillator  3.1 Harmonic Oscillators  3.2 Relaxation OscillatorsⅣ Working Principle of Voltage Controlled OscillatorⅤ Voltage Controlled Oscillator Requirements  5.1 VCO tu

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Dec 19 2020

How Do You Use a Multimeter? Guide for Beginners

IntroductionMultimeter, also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an indispensable measuring instrument in power electronics and other electrical circuits. Generally, it is used to measure voltage, current and resistance typically, and some multimeters can also measure the parameters of transi

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Dec 15 2020

What is a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

IntroductionThe mass air flow sensor, also known as the air flow meters, is one of the important sensors of the electronic jet engine. It converts the inhaled air flow into electrical signals and sends them to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). As one of the basic signals to determine fuel injection

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Dec 10 2020

Potentiometer As an Adjustable Voltage Divider Overview

IntroductionA potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact. It is an adjustable voltage divider with two static contacts and one moving contact. The moving terminal is a wiper that travels across the resistance element, usually in an arc controlled by a rotary knob.

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Dec 8 2020

What are Ceramic Capacitors?

IntroductionDefinition: A ceramic capacitor is a capacitor that uses a ceramic material as the dielectric. The two most common types are multi-layer ceramic capacitors and ceramic disc capacitors.   A ceramic capacitor uses a ceramic material as the dielectric. Ceramics were one of the first

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Dec 2 2020

What is Clipper Circuit and Its Types?

IntroductionThe diode clipper, also known as a diode limiter, is a wave shaping circuit that limits positive or negative amplitude, or both. A circuit which removes the peak of a waveform is known as a clipper. In electronics, diode clipper circuits are commonly used to process various signals. It i

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Nov 30 2020

In-Memory Computing Technology Overview

IntroductionIn-memory computing (IMC), a technique of the future computing, stores data in RAM to run calculations entirely in computer memory. With the rise of the big data era, faster data processing capabilities are required. Computer memory and storage space are also growing exponentia

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Nov 21 2020

What is a RC Filter Circuit?

IntroductionAs we all know, the most basic passive linear components are resistors (R), capacitors (C) and inductive components (L). These components can be used to form 4 different circuits: RC circuit, RL circuit, LC circuit and RLC circuit. They have some important properties for analog electroni

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