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Jul 9 2021

LC Circuits Basic and Application Overview

IntroductionLC circuit, also called passive filtering circuit, is commonly used for harmonic compensation, which does not require additional power supply. It is generally composed of capacitors, inductors and resistors. This kind of filtering circuit is easy to design, but its pass-band magnificatio

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Jul 5 2021

What is an Inductor Used for? Function Overview

IntroductionInductor is a passive component that used extensively with capacitors and resistors to create filters for analog circuits and in signal processing. Also it is an energy storage device in many switched-mode power supplies. As a major value of inductor, inductance is the ratio of wire curr

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Jul 2 2021

How to Determine RMS Voltage in AC Circuits?

IntroductionRMS (Root Mean Square) value of any time-varying signal, in general, is related to the amount of heat being produced in the circuit or across the particular element in the circuit. Do you know how to calculate the root mean square or rms voltage of a sine wave given the peak voltage. Her

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Jun 29 2021

How to Dim LED With Mainstream Dimmers?

IntroductionIn the lighting industry, people often have a misunderstanding about dimming LED lights. And the reality is that the application of LED light source dimming technology in engineering is often unsatisfactory. Why is this the case? Is the LED light source dimming technology immature, or th

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Jun 24 2021

What is the Use of Op Amp Voltage Follower?

IntroductionDo you know buffer amplifier or isolation amplifier? The operational amplifier is an extremely efficient and versatile device. As we all known, the op amp is a component that amplifies the weak signal, which can be made into different forms according to the circuit requirements, and

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Jun 22 2021

How to Use NPN Transistor? Function Analysis

IntroductionThe transistor is one of the basic semiconductor components, which has the function of current amplification in electronic circuit. It is made of two PN junctions very close to each other on a semiconductor substrate. Two PN junctions divide the entire semiconductor into three parts: The

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Jun 16 2021

What is the 3-phase Circuit Formula?

IntroductionA three-phase circuit consists of a three-phase source, a three-phase load, and a three-phase transmission line. The most basic characteristic of this circuit is that it has one or more groups of power supplies. Each group consists of three sinusoidal power supplies with the same amplitu

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Jun 8 2021

What Bridge Rectifier Circuit Consists of?

IntroductionA stable power supply is necessary for normal operation of the electrical system. Except for the use of solar cells or chemical batteries in certain special occasions, the direct current of most circuits is converted from the alternating current of the grid. The bridge rectifier is commo

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Jun 1 2021

Tips of Identifying USB Port Types

IntroductionUSB is very common, because it is indispensable for data transmission and charging. In modern life, we can see one or more USB ports on desktop computers, laptops, TVs, game devices, cars, media players, phones, and other electric devices, etc. USB devices are very important for our life

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May 25 2021

ECC Memory or Not for Computer Server? ECC Server RAM

IntroductionAs everyone knows, Error correction code memory (ECC memory) is a type of computer data storage technique. It identifies and fixes the most common errors which could otherwise lead to data corruption or system crashes. In other words, it is one of the most important tech for this loss an

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