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May 14 2021

Which Battery Can Replace CR2032?

IntroductionThe modern automobile industry is developing very rapidly. Take car keys for example, the traditional mechanical keys are basically replaced now. Because our remote control keys and even smart keys are already very common. However, this also brings some troubles to many consumers-what sh

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May 13 2021

What is a Hall Effect Sensor and How Does It Work?

Ⅰ IntroductionThe Hall Effect is the most common method of measuring magnetic fields, and Hall Effect Sensors are widely used and have a wide range of applications in modern times. For example, they're used in cars as wheel speed sensors and crankshaft or camshaft position sensors. They're often use

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May 11 2021

How is PN Junction Formed? Basics and Examples

IntroductionA p-n junction is an interface or a boundary between n-type and p-type semiconductor materials, inside a semiconductor. One of the crucial keys to solid state electronics is the nature of the P-N junction. For example, a PN Junction Diode is one of the simplest semiconductor devices arou

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Apr 28 2021

What is a Tantalum Capacitor?

CatalogⅠ What is a Tantalum CapacitorⅡ Construction and Properties of Tantalum CapacitorⅢ Characteristics of Tantalum Capacitor  3.1 General Characteristic  3.2 Polarity  3.3 Failure Mode of Tantalum CapacitorⅣ Tantalum Capacitor Classification  4.1 Leaded Tantalum Capacitors&nbs

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Apr 27 2021

What is the Resistor Voltage Divider and Current Divider Circuit?

IntroductionCurrent divider equations and voltage divider formulas help you better understand resistor functions in electronic circuits. The current divider circuit is a parallel circuit in which the source current or power supply current divided into a multiple parallel paths. In a parallel circuit

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Apr 22 2021

Analog to Digital Converter IC Basic Overview

IntroductionAn analog-to-digital converter, or A/D converter, or ADC for short, usually refers to an electronic device that converts an analog signal into a digital signal. Except for the most specialized analog-to-digital converters, all ADCs are implemented as integrated circuits (ICs). These are

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Apr 14 2021

What is a Proximity Sensor?

CatalogⅠ What is a Proximity SensorⅡ How does a Proximity Sensor Work  2.1 Inductive Proximity Sensor  2.2 Capacitive Proximity SensorⅢ Types of Proximity Sensor  3.1 Inductive Proximity Sensor  3.2 Capacitive Proximity Sensor  3.3 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor  3.4 IR Pr

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Apr 13 2021

What are the Basic Principles of Photoelectric Sensor?

IntroductionPhotoelectric sensor is a sensor that uses a photoelectric component as a conversion element. In electronics, the photoelectric sensor converts the light intensity into the electrical signals. It is generally composed of three parts: transmitter, receiver and detection circuit.The transm

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Apr 7 2021

How Do I Read Pinouts?

IntroductionIn electronics, a pinout (sometimes written "pin-out") is a cross-reference between the contacts, or pins, of an electrical connector or electronic component. It describes the functions of transmitted signals and the circuit input/output (I/O) requirements. The number of pins is divided

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Apr 1 2021

How Do I Find a Proper Voltage Regulator?

IntroductionA voltage regulator is a circuit that generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions. It converts an unstable dc voltage into a stable dc voltage. Its power supply composed of discrete components

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