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Sep 10 2020

How to Discharge a Capacitor?

Introduction Many people who are often engaged in maintenance work have experienced electrical shocks after being turned off. Obviously, the "culprit" causing this phenomenon is the capacitor. From power capacitors to filter capacitors to the graphite coating of old-fashioned televisions' picture

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Sep 3 2020

Types of Hard Disk Drive Interface

IntroductionThe hard disk interface is the connecting part between the hard disk and the host computer system, and its function is to transmit data between the hard disk cache and the host memory. Different hard disk interfaces determine the data transmission speed between the hard disk and the comp

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Aug 31 2020

Resistor Basics: Resistors in Series and Parallel

Introduction Resistors are usually connected in a circuit in various ways, and the two most basic ways are series and parallel. This article will mainly introduce these two connection methods, including their definitions, formulas, circuit diagrams, examples and identification methods. In addition,

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Aug 18 2020

Using Op Amps as Comparators Characteristics Overview

IntroductionIn electronics, operational amplifiers are generally dual/quadruple configurations. So users can consider using the extra amplifier as a comparator. Electrical symbols of the comparator and the operational amplifier are very similar. They are devices with one input inverting terminal and

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Aug 12 2020

Electrical Relay: Relay Contact Overview

Introduction The relay is an electrical device regarded as a switch in the circuit. That is, the current in the control circuit depends on the "open" and "close" of relay contacts. Therefore, the reliability and service life of the relay depend on the quality and performance of the contacts&nb

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Aug 7 2020

What are Capacitors in Series and Parallel?

Introduction Capacitors are components that store electricity and electrical energy (potential energy), and play an important role in circuits such as tuning, bypassing, coupling, and filtering. Capacitors are connected in parallel to increase capacity, and capacitors are connected in series to dec

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Aug 5 2020

How Relays Work? Relay Functions and Applications

Introduction A relay is an electromagnetic switch operated by a relatively small electric current that can turn on or off a much larger electric current. It consists of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminals. Because of unique cha

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Jul 31 2020

Oscillator Basics: Oscillator Circuit Types Explanation

Introduction Simply put, an oscillator is a device that can convert DC power into AC power without external signal excitation. The so-called "oscillation" implies alternating current. This article will mainly explain the circuits of different sine wave oscillators, including their working principle

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Jul 29 2020

How to Test a Relay with Multimeter?

IntroductionA relay is an electronic control device, which has a control system (also called an input loop) and a controlled system (also called an output loop). It is often used in automatic control circuits. In fact, it is an automated switch using smaller current to control a larger current. Ther

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Jul 23 2020

How to Test a Start Capacitor?

Introduction What is the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a single-phase AC motor? If you pay attention to it, you will find that single-phase AC motors have one more equipment than three-phase AC motors, which is the start capacitor(starting capacitor). The most common one is in vario

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