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Feb 22 2020

What is a Light Sensor?

I IntroductionThe light sensor is developed based on the photoelectric effect principle of semiconductors. It can be used to detect the intensity of ambient light, and it can also be used to detect the difference in light between different colored surfaces. Users can make projects that interact with

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Feb 19 2020

LED Light Therapy Guide: Working, Benefits, Safety and Procedure

IntroductionLED is a new type of light source that has entered the application field in the past ten years, and it has been used in the medical field for about 6 years, showing excellent therapeutic effects in such a short period of time.   LED is a cold light source, which can well moisturiz

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Feb 11 2020

What is Optoelectronic Oscillator(OEO)?

CategoryⅠ IntroductionⅡ Development Background  2.1 Limitations of Microwave Oscillators  2.2 Origin of OEOⅢ Working Principle of OEO  3.1 The basic structure of OEO  3.2 Principle-based improvement directionⅣ Operating Characteristics of OEO  4.1 Advanta

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