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Jan 17 2020

What Is A Flyback Diode or Freewheeling Diode and It's Applications

Ⅰ Introduction Flyback Diodes, which are also known as freewheeling diodes, generally refer to diodes that are inversely paralleled across the ends of energy storage elements such as inductors, relays, and thyristors. When a voltage or current changes suddenly in a circuit, it protects other c

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Jan 16 2020

Research and Application of Electronic Ballast Circuit Diagram

CategoryⅠ IntroductionⅡ Electronic Ballast Circuit Diagram Research Application 2.1 Overview 2.2 Circuit Structure of High Performance Electronic Ballast       2.2.1 Power Factor Correction Circuit       2.2.2 Inverter Circuit2.2.3 Lam

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Jan 11 2020

Transient Voltage Suppressor Tutorial and Applications

Ⅰ Introduction In electronics, the transient interference of voltage and current source is the main cause of damage to circuits and equipment, and it often causes immeasurable losses to the society. These disturbances usually come from the  the starting and stopping operation of power equipmen

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