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Aug 30 2019

Analysis of Silicon Controlled Rectifier Circuit Diagram

IntroductionSilicon controlled rectifier, which can be referred to as SCR, is available in one-way, two-way, turn-off, and light control types. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, long life, convenient control, etc. It is widely used in various automatic control and h

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Aug 30 2019

Types of Batteries and Battery Capacity

IntroductionBattery means a space in a cup, tank or other container or composite container containing an electrolyte solution and a metal electrode to generate electrical current, in a word, a device capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy, and it has a positive electrode and a

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Aug 26 2019

Varistor Guide: Working, Function, Types, and Application

IntroductionVaristor is an ideal protective element with the characteristics of high price, small volume, wide working voltage range, fast response to overvoltage pulse, strong resistance to impulse current, low leakage current (less than a few microamperes to tens of microamperes), small resis

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Aug 24 2019

Schottky Diode Characteristics and Its Applications

Ⅰ IntroductionSchottky diodes are named after their inventor, Dr. Schottky, short for Schottky barrier diode (abbreviated SBD). SBD is not fabricated by the principle of forming a PN junction by contacting a P-type semiconductor with an N-type semiconductor, but by a metal-semiconductor junction bas

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Aug 20 2019

Constitution and Applications of 555 Timer

  I Introduction 555 timer is a medium-sized integrated circuit that combines analog functions and logic functions. For there are three resistors of 5 kΩ in the integrated circuit, it is named as 555 timer. 555 timer has low cost and reliable performance. It only needs several ex

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Aug 19 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry-type Transformer and Oil-immersed Transformer

IntroductionWhat is the difference between dry type and oil type transformer? In the field of construction engineering, the transformer is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in power system transmission and distribution engineering. It is an important piece of equipment to change the volta

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Aug 16 2019

Design of Numerical Control DC Adjustable Switching Power Supply

CatalogⅠ Design of Hardware Circuit  1.1 Main Power Conversion Circuit  1.2 Design of Output Circuit  1.3 Design of Main Control and Display Module  1.4 Design of Auxiliary Power SupplyⅡ System Debugging  2.1 Hardware Debugging  2.2 Machine Test  2.3 Physical Map o

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Aug 15 2019

Types of Operational Amplifier and Basis Comparison

Ⅰ Introduction This Video Explains Working Rules That are Suitable for  Types of Op Amps.CatalogⅠ Introduction  1.1 Operational Amplifier Symbol  1.2 TerminologyⅡ Examples Analyses  2.1 Example 1  2.2 Example 2  2.3 Example 3Ⅲ Basic Types of Op AmpⅣ Confusion between t

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Aug 14 2019

What Is A High-voltage Capacitor?

  IntroductionA high-voltage capacitor consists of a cylinder, the top of the cylinder, a flat cover or a semi-spherical envelope, a sealing element and some accessories. High-voltage capacitors are low loss and lightweight and meet most national and international standards for capacitors.

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Aug 12 2019

How to Reduce EMI in PCB Design Process?

IntroductionPrinted circuit board (PCB) is the carrier of circuit components in electronic products, which provides the electrical connection between circuit components and is the most basic part of all kinds of electronic equipment. Its performance is directly related to the quality of electronic e

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