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Jul 26 2019

Zener Diodes Tutorial: What is the Principle of Zener Diode?

Ⅰ Introduction This electronics video tutorial provides a basic introduction into zener diodes which is used as voltage regulators in DC circuits. Catalog Ⅰ Introduction1.1 Terminology1.2 Calculation of Voltage Regulation Resistance1.3 Zener Diode Symbol1.4 Volt-Ampere Characteristic Curve1.

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Jul 25 2019

M.2, NVme and PCIe: What are They?

IntroductionM.2 is a new interface specification introduced by Intel to replace mSATA, called NGFF(Next Generation Form Factor) from very beginning. For desktop users, the SATA interface is sufficient to meet the need. However, considering the storage needs of ultrabook users, it is urgent to introd

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Jul 13 2019

Switching Power Supply Circuit Diagram with Explanation

CatalogⅠ Development History of Switching Power SupplyⅡ The Basic Principle of Switching Power Supply 2.1 The Basic Principle of PWM Switching Power Supply 2.2 Working Principle of Switching Power SupplyⅢ Circuit Composition of the Switching Power SupplyⅣ Principle of I

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Jul 13 2019

What is Computer Memory? Types of Computer Memory

Ⅰ Introduction This video going to trace the history of these storage technologies from punch cards, delay line memory, core memory, magnetic tape, and magnetic drums, to floppy disks, hard disk drives, cds, and solid state drives.    CatalogⅠ TerminologyⅡ Computer Memory Characterist

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