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May 27 2019

Principle and Application of DC Regulated Power Supply

IntroductionThis article mainly introduces how does the DC regulated power supply work, how to use it and some knowledge of maintenance. Let's take a look at this article.   This video shows how to use a power supply   Almost all electronic circuits need a stable DC power supply

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May 27 2019

What is a Digital Potentiometer? Application and Selection

IntroductionThe digital potentiometer is mainly used to indicate the furnace temperature of the heat treatment furnace, and automatically controls and automatically records the holding time, temperature fluctuations and monitoring the process of entering and leaving the furnace. Digital Potentiom

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May 24 2019

How to Measure Resistance and How to Detect Resistance?

I IntroductionThere are many ways to measure resistance: ohmmeter, volt-ampere, volt-volt, ampere-ampere, bridge, substitution, comparison, half-deviation and so on. No matter what the method is, the experimental principle is no more than partial circuit Ohm's law and closed circuit Ohm's law as wel

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May 20 2019

What is a DC Potentiometer? Working Principle and Applications

The DC potentiometer is a DC resistance instrument made by the principle of compensation. The applied disciplines are mechanical engineering, electrical measuring instruments, inspection instruments, and standards. Principle of D.C Potentiometer, D.C Potentiometer Theory, and Principle | How It

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