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Nov 28 2018

What Is the Insulation Resistance Meter and How to Test It?

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 min. IntroductionThe insulation resistance meter is a special instrument for measuring the maximum resistance value, insulation resistance, absorption ratio and polarization index. Its scale unit is megger, which has a

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Nov 26 2018

What is Resistor and Its Function?

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and the reading time is about 20 min. IntroductionBefore we understand resistors, we need to know what a resistor is. The resistance is often abbreviated as R, which is a basic property of a conductor and is related to the size, material, and tempe

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Nov 22 2018

Working Principle and Function of Capacitor

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 min. IntroductionIn electronic circuits, capacitors are used to block DC through AC, as well as to store and discharge charge to act as a filter to smooth out the output ripple signal.   Small-capacity capacitors

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Nov 20 2018

SSD vs HDD: Is an SSD Really Necessary?

IntroductionA solid state disk (SSD) useing a solid state electronic memory chip array, is composed of a control unit and a storage unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). The specifications and definitions, functions, and usage methods of the SSD are exactly the same as those of the ordinary hard disk. The s

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Nov 15 2018

How to Against EMI? Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

IntroductionWith the rapid development of electronic technology, modern electronic devices have been widely used in various fields of human life. At present, electronic equipment has been in a period of rapid development, and this process is still continuing at an increasing rate. The wide applicati

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Nov 9 2018

RFID Technology: System, Principle, Classification and Application

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and the reading time is about 15 min. Summary As one of the key technologies to build the Internet of Things, RFID has attracted much attention because of its long-distance reading and high storage capacity. It can not only help enterprises to impr

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Nov 6 2018

Substitution and Replacement of Integrated Circuits

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 min. SummaryThis article is divided into two parts: Overhaul Integrated Circuits: Detection Techniques And Disassembly Methods and Methods and techniques of Integrated Circuits substitution. The firs

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Nov 5 2018

Iris Recognition Technology:Principle and Application

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 minutes. SummaryBiometric recognition is the most convenient and safe identification technology at present. It does not need to carry any certificates or remember any password. It is a convenient, fast and reliabl

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