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Oct 30 2018

What Is CAN Bus: Concepts, Advantages and Anti-jamming Elements

Summary This article is mainly to introduce the concept, advantages and anti-jamming elements of CAN bus. Actually, CAN bus is used in all fields in our daily life and already became an international standard. Now, let's get it!     Catalog   Ⅰ Definition o

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Oct 25 2018

Diode Package: Basics of High Power LEDs

Ⅰ IntroductionAs an important part in the LED industry chain, high power LED packaging is the core manufacturing technology that promotes the practical use of semiconductor lighting and display. Through the development of LED packaging and manufacturing technologies with low thermal resist

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Oct 19 2018

How the Drone Works: Principle and Core System

  IntroductionIt's cool to watch the drone fly freely in the air every time when someone else has the remote control in their hand. But do you know how the drone works?   CatalogⅠ The Drone  1.1 Concept  1.2 Application  1.3 CompositionⅡ The Flight Control System 

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Oct 12 2018

Differences Between IC and PCB: Composition,Characteristics and Application Examples

IntroductionThis paper will summarize the differences between the integrated circuit (hereinafter referred to as IC) and printed circuit board (hereinafter referred to as PCB) by first introducing the composition, characteristics and application examples of them.  Catalog IntroductionⅠ PCB Ba

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Oct 8 2018

A Comparison of the NorFlash, NandFlash and eMMC

IntroductionFlash memory is a non-volatile EEPROM used for storage and transfering data between a computer (PC) and digital devices, which can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It has two main types: NOR-type flash and NAND-type flash. eMMC is an internal storage card, its architecture puts t

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