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Aug 30 2018

Capacitor Guide

IntroductionAs a passive component used in circuits, capacitors such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors, filter capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and chip ceramic capacitors are often seen. Due to the features of each capacitor, the corresponding application is different. So this article first intro

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Aug 28 2018

Analysis of Eight Anti-jamming Technologies in Sensor Detection

SummaryThis paper summarizes the eight anti-jamming technologies in sensor detection, and analyzes the details of various anti-jamming technologies, such as working effects, applicable scenarios, operating procedures and internal principles. The beginning of the article explains the extent to which

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Aug 23 2018

How to Accurately Determine Whether an Integrated Circuit in an Electronic Circuit is Working Properly?

IntroductionHow to accurately determine whether the integrated circuit IC in the circuit is working is an important part of repairing TV, audio, and video equipment. This article introduces the specific judgment method, the following video shows how to test IC chips with a multimeter. How To Test

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Aug 15 2018

Half Wave Rectifier Circuit Explanation: Working, Parameters and Application

IntroductionThe half-wave rectifier circuit is a common circuit that uses the unidirectional conduction characteristics of diodes to perform rectification, and the rectification method that removes half a cycle and leaves half a cycle is called half-wave rectification. The function of it is to conve

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