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Mar 28 2018

What is Intelligent Sensor and Its Applications

IntroductionIntelligent sensors, also called “smart sensors”, as a tool for human access to information, sensors are an important part of modern information technology. In the traditional sense, the output of the sensor is a mostly an analog signal. It doesn't have the function of signal

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Mar 23 2018

What is Resistor and How to Read Resistor Color Code

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3250 words and the reading time is about 18 minutes. IntroductionThis paper shows the comprehensive introduction of resistor which is one of the common electronic components. Resistance is the ability to impede the flow of electrons, that is, the value

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Mar 20 2018

Definition of Power Amplifier and Its Classification

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3000 words and the reading time is about 15 minutes. 1 What is Power AmplifierIn this article, we will mainly talks about how power amplifier works and its classes and indicators. Nowadays, whether in the global mobile communication system, the third ge

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Mar 15 2018

What is Transistor and Its Functions and Characteristics[Video]

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3200 words and the reading time is about 15 minutes. CatalogIntroductionCatalogI What is Transistor?II Development of Transistors 2.1 Vacuum Triode 2.2 Point Contact Transistors 2.3 Bipolar and Unipolar Transistors 2.4 Silicon transi

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Mar 12 2018

2018 Semiconductor Market Forecast --The Semiconductor Market is Going through a Big Shuffle

 Warm hints: The word in this article is about 2800 words and  reading time is about 13 minutes. SummaryThis paper is mainly about the semiconductor market forecast in 2018.Actually, the semiconductor market is going through a big shuffle.2017 has gone,perhaps because of a year's suffocat

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Mar 3 2018

What is Electrical Isolation

 Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3000 words and the reading time is about 15 minutes. IntroductionThis article mainly introduces what is electrical isolation and electrical isolation in high-speed digital circuits. This application note outlines the necessity, implementation and

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Mar 2 2018

How Optocoupler Works and the Optocoupler Basics

SummaryOptocoupler (OC), also called optoelectronic isolator or optocoupler, is a device that transmits electrical signals on the medium of light. It usually encapsulates the luminator (infrared LED) and the light receiver (photosensitive semiconductor tube) in the same shell. When the input signal

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