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Jan 6 2023

Thin Film Resistors vs. Thick Film Resistor

Overview of a Thin Film ResistorOverview of a Thick Film ResistorVideo related to Thin Film Resistors versus Thick Film ResistorConstruction of a Thin Film ResistorConstruction of a Think Film ResistorThin Film Resistor FabricationThick Film Resistor FabricationThin Film Technology VS Thic

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Dec 29 2022

What are Tantalum Capacitors?

Catalog Ⅰ What are Tantalum Capacitors? Ⅱ Tantalum Capacitors Specifications   2.1 Form Factor  2.2 Standards  2.3 CapacitanceⅢ SMD Tantalum Capacitors 6Ⅳ Applications for Tantalum Capacitors Ⅵ Tantalum vs. Ceramic Capacitor Testing &

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Dec 10 2022

How to Use a Multimeter to Test Electronic Relays?

Overview of RelayVideo related to test a relayOverview of MultimeterWhat can be a relay used for?Some matters related to relay need attentionHow To Test a Relay?Elementary course of testing a relaySolid-State Relay TestingCoil Relays TestingHow Can a Relay Be Tested Using a DC Power Supply?How

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Nov 15 2022

Toggle Switch Wiring, Types of Toggle Switch, and Circuit Diagram

Overview of switchesMain parameter of switchesSwitch SymbolSwitch DiagramWhat is a toggle switch?How does toggle switches work?Video related to toggle switchesFive ways toggle switch wiringCircuit diagram of toggle switchTypes of Toggle SwitchDPDT Toggle SwitchDPST Toggle SwitchS

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Oct 17 2022

LEDs Test, LEDs design and How do LEDs work[FAQ&Video]

What is a LED?Video related to LEDLED Colours and materialsHow do LEDs work?Types of LedsCalculating LEDs resistor valueHow to Test LED LightsThe warning of LEDs useLEDs FAQ What is a LED?LED = Light Emitting Diode. An LED must be prevented against transferring too much current because it

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Sep 19 2022

Types of pcb soldering-The differences between Wave Soldering, Reflow Soldering, and Selective Soldering

What is the soldering?What is the PCB soldering?Video about the pcb solderingPCB Soldering MaterialTypes of SolderingTypes of PCB SolderingWhat is the Wave SolderingWave Soldering ProgressThe advantages and disadvantages of wave solderingWhat is the Reflow Soldering?Reflow Soldering ProgressThe

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Aug 31 2022

Types of pcb assembly-How to differentiate them?

What is the pcb?What is the pcb assembly?Video about the pcb assemblyWhat are the differences between the PCB and PCBA?Types of pcb assemblySMT assemblyBGA assemblyThrough-hole assemblyMixed assemblyRigid-flex printed circuit board assemblyConclusion of SMT assembly VS BGA assembly VS Through-hole a

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Aug 26 2022

N Channel vs P Channel MOSFET

Catalog IntroductionⅠ Construction of a MOSFETⅡSymbols for MOSFETsⅢ N Channel MOSFET vs P Channel MOSFETⅣ Differences Between an N-Channel and a P-Channel MOSFETⅤ Why Prefer an N-Channel MOSFET to a P-Channel MOSFET?Ⅵ Advantages of MOSFETⅦ Disadvantages of MOSFETⅧ Applications of MOSFET Introducti

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Jul 30 2022

What is the Zener Diode Symbol?

Catalog Ⅰ What is a Zener Diode?Ⅱ What is the Zener diode symbolⅢ Zener Diode Circuit DiagramⅣ How Does a Zener Diode Work?Ⅴ How to Test a Zener Diode?Ⅵ Differences in Avalanche Breakdown & Zener BreakdownⅦ V-I Characteristics of Zener Diode7.1 Forward Characteristics7.2 Reverse Characteristics

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Jul 18 2022

How to Test an AC Relay

Catalog IntroductionⅠ What is AC RelayⅡ What is DC RelayⅢ Configuring AC Relay ControlⅣ How to Test an AC RelayⅤ The Signs Of A Bad RelayⅥ Stuck AC Relay Switch: A NoteⅦ Diagnosing a Bad Car AC RelayⅧ Testing the Air Conditioning RelayⅨ AC Problems that

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