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Jan 21 2022

Flysky RF Transmitter vs RC Transmitter

CatalogIntroduction Ⅰ Flysky Transmitter and Receiver1.1 4-channel Flysky Transmitters1.2 Essential Features of Flysky Receivers  Ⅱ RF Transmitter vs RC Transmitter2.1 What is RF Transmitter?2.2 What is RC Transmitter?2.3 Differences between RC

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Jan 19 2022

Why Should You Buy a Laptop with a Backlit Keyboard?

IntroductionⅠ What is the Backlit Keyboard? 1.1 Advantages of the Backlit Keyboard 1.2 Disadvantages  of the Backlit KeyboardⅡ How to Enable and Disable a Backlit KeyboardⅢ Compact Backlit Keyboard w/Force Sensing Resistor (USB) (Black) | SLK-79-FSR-USB by iKey    3.1 H

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Jan 19 2022

The Best Guide to DC Power Supply

CatalogⅠ IntroductionⅡ DC Power Supply2.1 What is a DC Power Supply?2.2 Types of DC Power Supply2.3 Composition and Operation2.4 Specifications 2.5 Features2.6 Frequently Asked Questions About DC Power SupplyⅢ 5V DC Power Supply3.1 What is the 5V DC Power Supply?3.2 Typical Applications for 5V DC Po

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Jan 18 2022

What You Need to Know about the Hot Swap PCB

CatalogIntroductionⅠ What is a Hot Swap PCB?Ⅱ Custom Keyboard - Hotswap vs. Solderable PCB    2.1 Advantages of Hotswap PCB    2.2 Disadvantages of Hotswap PCB    2.3 Advantages of Solderable PCB    2.4 Disadvantages of Solderable PCBⅢ What Is a Hotswap Mechan

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Jan 14 2022

Guide to the Best Wireless HDMI Transmitter

Catalog  IntroductionⅠ What is the Wireless HDMI Transmitter?  1.1 What is the Wireless HDMI Transmitter?  1.2 How do the Wireless HDMI Transmitter and receiver work?  1.3 How to Setup a Wireless Video HDMI Kits?Ⅱ The Best Wireless HDMI Video TransmitterⅢ Wired vs Wireless Video

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Jan 12 2022

Popularization of Science - MCU

Catalog IntroductionⅠ What is the MCU?Ⅱ The History of the MCUⅢ The Classification and Application of MCUⅣ China MCU Technology and Well-known ManufacturersⅤ  The Basic Functions of MCUⅥ Learning Methods - Using MCUⅦ Six Main Dimensions of MCU Products for Future Impro

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Jan 7 2022

The Best Guide to the Wireless Transmitter

IntroductionⅠ What is a Wireless Transmitter?Ⅱ How to Make a Transmitter and Receiver Ⅲ Wireless Transmitter vs Wireless Receiver    3.1 Wireless Transmitter    3.2 Wireless Receiver    3.3 What are Optical Transmitters and Receivers?    3.4 How do You Us

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Sep 14 2021

The Best Guide to Capacitor Code

  Ⅰ IntroductionWhen connected to a voltage source, capacitors are basic passive devices that can store an electrical charge on their plates. The capacitor, like a miniature rechargeable battery, has the ability or "capacity" to store energy in the form of an electrical charge, produ

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Sep 8 2021

A Guide to Color Code of Resistor

IntroductionColor-coded resistor values are commonly used. Color bands are used to identify almost all leaded resistors with a power rating of up to one watt. The international standard IEC 60062 specifies the coding system. The marking codes for resistors and capacitors are

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Sep 6 2021

What is a Shunt Resistor?

Ⅰ IntroductionA shunt is an electrical device that creates a low-resistance route for a current to flow through. This allows the current to flow to a different part of the circuit. Ammeter shunts and current shunt resistors are two terms for shunts. A shunt resistor is used

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