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Aug 12 2019

PCB Design Principle for Reducing Electromagnetic Interference

Warm hints: This article contains about 3393 words and reading time is about 10 mins.IntroductionPrinted circuit board (PCB) is the carrier of circuit components in electronic products, which provides the electrical connection between circuit components and is the most basic part of a...

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Feb 20 2019

How to Rely on the Layout of the PCB to Avoid the Noise Problem of the Switching Power Supply?

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 10 mins.Introduction"Noise problem" - this is the four words that every board designer will hear. In order to solve the noise problem, it often takes several hours to carry out laboratory tests in order to find ou...

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Oct 12 2018

Differences Between IC and PCB: Composition,Characteristics and Application Examples

Introduction        This paper will finally summarizes the differences between integrated circuit (hereinafter referred to as IC) and printed circuit board (hereinafter referred to as PCB) by first introducing the composition, characteristics and application e...

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Jun 28 2018

How to Design a PCB Layout

Warm hint: The words in this article are about 1000 words and the reading time is about 5 minutes.Article CorePCB Layout TutorialPurpose High-Quality PCB DesignEnglish namePrinted Circuit Board CategorySelf-Contained Module FunctionMechanically support and electrically connect electro...

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