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Jun 15 2019

Power Amplifier Basic and Classifications Tutorial

Making an Audio Power AmplifierArticle CoreAudio Power AmplifierIntroductionOperational PrinciplePrimary ClassificationIntroductionClassifications  Class A Amplifiers  Class B Amplifiers  Class AB Amplifiers  Class D Amplifiers  AdvantagesSummary  Class T...

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Jun 11 2019

The Basic Knowledge of Electrolytic Capacitor

IntroductionThis article mainly introduces the basic knowledge of electrolytic capacitors, including their parameters, classification, applications, etc.Article CoreElectrolytic capacitorsPurposeIntroduce the basic knowledge of electrolytic capacitorsApplicationsPower supply, converters, m...

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Jun 3 2019

Amplifier Tutorial: Amplifier Basic and Amplifier Circuit

An amplifier is a device that amplifies the voltage or power of an input signal, consisting of tubes or transistors, power transformers, and other electrical components. Used in communications, broadcasting, radar, television, automatic control and other devices.Op-amps are the backbone of analog ci...

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Mar 27 2019

Principle and Application of DC Regulated Power Supply

IntroductionThis article mainly introduces how does the DC regulated power supply work, how to use it and some knowledge of maintenance. Let's take a look at this article.Article CorePrinciple,application and maintenancePurposeIntroduce how does the DC regulated power supply work, how ...

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Mar 27 2019

What is a Digital Potentiometer? Application and Selection

CatalogArticle Core Digital PotentiometerIntroductionBasic StructureThermocoupleMeasuring BridgeAmplifierReversible MotorIndicating Recording MechanismAdjusting MechanismPower SupplyWorking PrincipleTypeInterference SourceSelectionRequirements for Measuring CircuitsFault AnalysisⅠ Common faults...

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Mar 24 2019

How to Measure Resistance and How to Detect Resistance?

IntroductionThis article mainly introduces some ways about how to measure resistance and how to detect resistance, which can help to reduce errors. Let's take a look at this article.Article CoreMeasure resistance, detect resistancePurposeIntroduce how to measure resistance and how to detect resi...

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Mar 20 2019

What is a DC Potentiometer? Working Principle and Applications

The DC potentiometer is a DC resistance instrument made by the principle of compensation. The applied disciplines are mechanical engineering, electrical measuring instruments, inspection instruments and standards. Principle of D.C Potentiometer, D.C Potentiometer Theory and Principle | How It Works ...

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Apr 26 2019

Avalanche Photo Diode

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and reading time is about 15 mins.IntroductionThe PN junction has unidirectional conductivity, a small forward resistance, and a large reverse resistance. When the reverse voltage increases to a certain value, the reverse current suddenly increases....

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Apr 17 2019

What Is A Supercapacitor?

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and reading time is about 15 mins.IntroductionSupercapacitors are capacitors that utilize the principle of an electric double layer. When an applied voltage is applied to the two plates of the supercapacitor, as with a conventional capacitor, the po...

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Apr 9 2019

What Is A Chip Fixed Resistor?

Warm hints: This article contains about 4000 words and reading time is about 12 mins.IntroductionThe electronic component body of the non-patch component can carry more production information, such as specifications, manufacturers, product serial numbers, and the like. The volume or size of the patc...

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