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Oct 8 2018

The Comparing of the NorFlash, NandFlash and EMMC

This article is mainly about the relative introduction of the NorFlash, NandFlash and EMMC, and pays attention to the detailed differences of the three.NorFlashNorFlash is one of the two main technologies on the nowadays market that make the memory is difficult to lost. Intel was the first person wh...

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Sep 28 2018

MC68HC908AP64CFB Price|MC68HC908AP64CFB Description|FREESCAL|Embedded - Microcontrollers|In Stock

Product overviewKynix Part #KY32-MC68HC908AP64CFBManufacturer Part#MC68HC908AP64CFBProduct CategoryEmbedded - MicrocontrollersManufacturerFREESCALEStockYesQuantity6651PCSClick Purchase button to Buy Original Genuine KY32-MC68HC908AP64CFBDescriptionIC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 44QFPDetailed Descriptio...

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Sep 26 2018

MCF51QU32VFM Price|MCF51QU32VFM Description|FREESCAL|In Stock

Product OverviewKynix Part#KY32-MCF51QU32VFMManufacturer Part#MCF51QU32VFMProduct CategoryEmbedded - MicrocontrollersStockYesQuantity582 PCSClick Purchase button to Buy Original Genuine KY32-MCF51QU32VFMManufacturerFREESCAL Semiconductor-NXPDescriptionIC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 32QF...

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Sep 20 2018

MW6S004NT1 Price|MW6S004NT1 Description|FREESCAL|In Stock

Product OverviewKynix Part #KY56-MW6S004NT1Manufacturer Part#MW6S004NT1Product CategoryRF FETsStockYesQuantity6060 PCSClick Purchase button to Buy Original Genuine KY56-MW6S004NT1ManufacturerFREESCALDescriptionN-Channel RF FETsDetailed DescriptionMOSFET RF N-CH 28V 4W PLD-1.5PackagePLD-1.5Datas...

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Sep 13 2018

What Is Non-polarized Capacitor

Introduction    A non-polarized capacitor is one of many capacitors. According to the polarity of the capacitor, the capacitor can be divided into non-polarized capacitor and polarity capacitor. And this article I will elaborate, what is a non-polarized capacitor? What is it used...

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Sep 11 2018

Different Applications of Magnetic Beads and Inductors in the Circuits of EMI and EMC

Introduction    What are the functions and characteristics of magnetic beads and inductors in solving the problems of EMI and EMC? First of all, pay attention to the difference between magnetic beads and inductors. Article CoreInductors and Magnetic BeadsPurposeAnalyze diffe...

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Sep 6 2018

Method of Handling and Detecting Common Fault of Frequency Converter IGBT Module

Summary    The insulated gate bipolar transistor (hereinafter referred to as IGBT) is a composite device of MOSFET and GTR. Thus it has the advantages of MOSFET, including fast operation speed, high switching frequency, high input impedance, simple drive circuit and good the...

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Aug 30 2018

Capacitor Guide

IntroductionAs a passive component used in circuits, capacitors such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors, filter capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and chip ceramic capacitors are often seen. Due to the features of each capacitor, the corresponding application i...

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Aug 28 2018

Analysis of Eight Anti-jamming Technologies in Sensor Detection

Summary        This paper summarizes the eight anti-jamming technologies in sensor detection, and analyzes the details of various anti-jamming technologies, such as working effects, applicable scenarios, operating procedures and internal principles. The beginn...

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Aug 23 2018

How to Accurately Determine Whether an Integrated Circuit in an Electronic Circuit is Working Properly?

It is an important content to correct the integrated circuit in the circuit to repair the appliance equipment, because it is often to replace the new integrated circuit but the fault still exists. Working principles of ICAn integrated circuit  (hereinafter referred...

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