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Aug 15 2019

Types of Operational Amplifier and Basis Comparison

     Introduction     This video explains the three golden rules when working with OpAmps and how to use them in order to understand and build all kind of OpAmp circuits. The main focus will be the noninverting and inverting amplifier and the comparator circuit.Operatio...

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Aug 14 2019

What Is A High-voltage Capacitor?

I IntroductionA high-voltage capacitor consists of a cylinder, the top of the cylinder, a flat cover or a semi-spherical envelope, a sealing element and some accessories. High-voltage capacitors are low loss and light weight, and meet most national and international standards for capacitors.Art...

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Aug 12 2019

PCB Design Principle for Reducing Electromagnetic Interference

Warm hints: This article contains about 3393 words and reading time is about 10 mins.IntroductionPrinted circuit board (PCB) is the carrier of circuit components in electronic products, which provides the electrical connection between circuit components and is the most basic part of a...

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Aug 9 2019

Key Characteristics of Main Computer Memories

IntroductionIn computing system, Memory refers to the computer hardware integrated circuits that store information for immediate use in a computer. Like many things, computer memory comes in many different types and has numerous applications nowadays. It is the most essential element of a compu...

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Aug 9 2019

Basic Knowledge of Power Capacitors

IntroductionPower capacitors are the capacitors for power systems and electrical equipment. Any two metal conductors separated by an insulating medium constitute a capacitor. The size of the capacitance is determined by the capacitor’s geometric size and the characteristics of the dielectric between...

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Aug 6 2019

EMI Filter Basics - Operational Principles and Faulty Installation

CatalogArticle Core: Electromagnetic Interference FilterⅠ IntroductionⅡ Adaptation principle of EMI FiltersTerminologyⅢ Operating PrincipleCommon Mode NoiseⅣ SelectionDifferential Mode NoiseⅤ InstallationⅠIntroductionThe EMI filter is a filter circuit composed of a...

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Aug 5 2019

Principle of Switching Power Supply

IntroductionThis video shows us that how does a switching power supply work from schematic, explanation, example and modifications.CatalogArticle coreSwitching Power Supply1. Principle of Switching Power Supply1.1 Basic Principle of Switching Power Supply1.2 Workflow of Switching Powe...

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Aug 2 2019

Classification of Electronic Filters

IntroductionThe electronic filter is an arrangement of electronic components used in a circuit to transmit signals within a given frequency range, rejecting others. Electronic filters are used in radios, television receivers, telephone systems, etc.Ⅰ Types of Electronic FilterⅡ Common Electronic Fil...

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Jul 26 2019

Zener Diodes Tutorial: What is the Principle of Zener Diode?

Ⅰ IntroductionThis electronics video tutorial provides a basic introduction into zener diodes which is used as voltage regulators in DC circuits.CatalogueⅠ Introduction1.3 Electronic symbol1.6 The effect of positive and negative serie3.1 Zener diode characteristicⅣ Silicon Zener Diode1.1&n...

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Jul 25 2019

Future Trends in NV and NVM Memories

IntroductionNon-volatile memory (NVM) is a computer memory that does not disappear when the current is turned off. In non-volatile memory, depending on whether the data in the memory can be rewritten as a standard at any time when using the computer, it can be divided into two major categories, name...

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