Mar 21 2020

Working Principle and Accuracy of Infrared Thermometers

Catalog I Introduction II What is Infrared? III Theoretical Principle of Infrared Temperature Measurement IV The Principle of Infrared Thermometer V Differences in Accuracy of Different Types of Infrared Thermometers  5.1 Three Categories of Infrare...

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Mar 20 2020

Operational Amplifier Applications, Op-amp Basics

Ⅰ Introduction As for the function of the operational amplifier, in electronic circuit, it is usually combined with a feedback network to form a certain functional module, with a special coupling circuit and feedback. Its output signal can be input signal addition, subtraction or dif...

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Mar 13 2020

Variable Resistor: Basics, Application Circuits&Common Malfunctions

CatalogI IntroductionII Definition, Symbol and Labeling of Variable Resistor2.1 Definition2.1.1 What is Variable Resistance?2.1.2 What is Variable Resistor?2.2 Symbol2.3 Labeling Method of Variable ResistorIII How The Variable Resistor WorksIV Features of Variable Resistor ShapeV Structure and Funct...

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Mar 12 2020

What is the Function of a Diode?

Catalog Ⅰ. Working Principle 1.1 Terminology 1.2 PN Junction 1.2.1 Principle 1.2.2 Feature: unidirectional conductivity 1.2.3 Supplementary note Ⅱ. Diode Applications 2.1 Main Functions 2.2 Typical Diode Applications ...

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Mar 7 2020

How to Test a Capacitor with a Multimeter in 5 Ways?

I Introduction Two adjacent conductors are sandwiched by a layer of a non-conductive insulating medium to form a capacitor. Capacitors are one of the most commonly used electronic components. They play an important role in circuits like tuning, bypassing, coupling, and filtering. For example, they ...

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