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Feb 22 2020

Basics of Light Sensor(Explanations with An Experiment)

CatalogI IntroductionII Definition2.1 Definition and Characteristics of Sensors2.2 Definition of Light SensorIII Working Principle of Light Sensor 3.1 Photoresistor 3.2 Performance Parameters of Photoresistor 3.3 Volt-ampere Characteristics of The Photoresistor 3.4 Photodiode&nbs...

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Feb 19 2020

What Can LED Light Therapy Do?

CatalogI IntroductionII What is LEDIII The Development of Photo-therapy and LED Light therapyIV LED Light Therapy Principles4.1 Red light4.2 Blue Light4.3 Purple Light4.4 Green Light (560nm)V Application of LED Light Therapy 5.1 Beauty Products of LED Light Therapy  5.1.1 LED Face Mas...

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Feb 11 2020

What is Optoelectronic Oscillator(OEO)?

CategoryI IntroductionII Development Background2.1 Limitations of Microwave Oscillators2.2 Origin of OEOIII Working Principle of OEO3.1 The basic structure of OEO3.2 Principle-based improvement direction(1) Phase noise(2) Side mode suppression(3) Frequency stability(4) Working frequen...

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