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Oct 25 2019

Self Discharge Problem of Lithium Battery

Ⅰ. Introduction          The secondary battery has the self-discharge phenomenon, but the voltage of lithium battery is relatively high and the self-discharge rate is relatively low, which is a big selling point of it, so  what is self-discharge?Ⅱ.&n...

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Sep 29 2019

Battery Basic: Types of Electric Battery

IntroductionBatteries have been widely used in life, from electric toys, dry batteries for remote control, car batteries, laptops batteries, and so on. Batteries also have been used in many other fields, such as electric tools, electric vehicles and bicycles, aerospace, solar and wind powe...

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Aug 30 2019

Types of Batteries and Battery Capacity

CatalogⅠArticle CoreElectromotive Force (EMF)Charge and Discharge RateLithium BatteryGermany DIN Standard BatteryMemory EffectElectric BatteryRated CapacityLifeⅦBattery TypesAmerica BCI Standard BatteryErase MemoryⅡTerminologyRated VoltageSelf-Discharge RateTypes IntroductionⅨNational StandardsBatte...

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