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Oct 31 2019

Vacuum Tube Computer Definition and Basic Idea

Ⅰ IntroductionThe main feature of the vacuum tube computer is the use of the electron tube as the basic electronic component, which is large in size, large in power consumption, short in life, low in reliability and high in cost, and the internal memory uses a mercury delay line. During th...

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Oct 25 2019

Vacuum Tube Types in Application

Ⅰ. IntroductionThe electron tube is one of the earliest electrical signal amplifier components in electronics. A cathode electron-emitting portion, a control grid, an acceleration grid, and an anode (screen) lead enclosed in a glass container (generally a glass tube) are welded to the tube...

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Sep 17 2019

Basic Vacuum Tube Structure

IntroductionAn electron tube is an electronic device that generates current conduction in a hermetic closed  glass container, and utilizes an electric field to attract electrons in a vacuum to obtain signal amplification or oscillation.That is, a cathode electron-emitting portion, a c...

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Sep 7 2019

What is Vacuum Tube? Basic Structure and Types

 Catalog Article Core IntroductionHistory1) Based on Specific RequirementVacuum TubeNoteAdvantages and Disadvantages2) Based on Specific Circuit ParametersTerminologyVacuum Tube Gate (Grid)TypesApplication AttentionsVacuum Tube CathodeVacuum Tube AnodeSelectionExpand Service Life ...

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