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Aug 14 2019

What Is A High-voltage Capacitor?

I IntroductionA high-voltage capacitor consists of a cylinder, the top of the cylinder, a flat cover or a semi-spherical envelope, a sealing element and some accessories. High-voltage capacitors are low loss and light weight, and meet most national and international standards for capacitors.Art...

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Aug 9 2019

Basic Knowledge of Power Capacitors

IntroductionPower capacitors are the capacitors for power systems and electrical equipment. Any two metal conductors separated by an insulating medium constitute a capacitor. The size of the capacitance is determined by the capacitor’s geometric size and the characteristics of the dielectric between...

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Jun 11 2019

The Basic Knowledge of Electrolytic Capacitor

IntroductionThis article mainly introduces the basic knowledge of electrolytic capacitors, including their parameters, classification, applications, etc.Article CoreElectrolytic capacitorsPurposeIntroduce the basic knowledge of electrolytic capacitorsApplicationsPower supply, converters, m...

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Apr 17 2019

What Is A Supercapacitor?

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and reading time is about 15 mins.IntroductionSupercapacitors are capacitors that utilize the principle of an electric double layer. When an applied voltage is applied to the two plates of the supercapacitor, as with a conventional capacitor, the po...

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Jan 5 2019

Working Principle and Detection Method of Film Capacitor

Warm hints: This article contains about 4000 words and reading time is about 18 min.IntroductionCapacitors can be used to provide important ride-through (or hold) energy, or to reduce ripple and noise in power conversion circuits. Choosing the right type of capacitor can have a profound impact on th...

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Nov 22 2018

Working Principle and Function of Capacitor

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 min.IntroductionIn electronic circuits, capacitors are used to block DC through AC, as well as to store and discharge charge to act as a filter to smooth out the output ripple signal.Small-capacity capacitors are commonl...

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Nov 20 2018

How to Buy the Right SSD? A Purchase Guide for You

Warm hints: This article contains about 3000 words and reading time is about 15 min.How to choose SSD? Some netizens are still not very clear about the SSD of the computer and don't know how to choose it. The following will introduce the SSD purchase guide, let's get to know it!Introduc...

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Sep 13 2018

What Is Non-polarized Capacitor

Introduction    A non-polarized capacitor is one of many capacitors. According to the polarity of the capacitor, the capacitor can be divided into non-polarized capacitor and polarity capacitor. And this article I will elaborate, what is a non-polarized capacitor? What is it used...

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Aug 30 2018

Capacitor Guide

IntroductionAs a passive component used in circuits, capacitors such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors, filter capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and chip ceramic capacitors are often seen. Due to the features of each capacitor, the corresponding application i...

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Dec 21 2017

Comprehensive Explanation of Capacitors

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 5200 and reading time is about 30 minutes.SummaryAlong with the electronic information technology change rapidly, digital electronic product updates faster and faster, with the flat-panel TV (LCD and PDP) products, notebook computer, digital cameras and ...

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