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Aug 15 2019

Types of Operational Amplifier and Basis Comparison

     Introduction     This video explains the three golden rules when working with OpAmps and how to use them in order to understand and build all kind of OpAmp circuits. The main focus will be the noninverting and inverting amplifier and the comparator circuit.Operatio...

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Jun 15 2019

Power Amplifier Basic and Classifications Tutorial

Making an Audio Power AmplifierArticle CoreAudio Power AmplifierIntroductionOperational PrinciplePrimary ClassificationIntroductionClassifications  Class A Amplifiers  Class B Amplifiers  Class AB Amplifiers  Class D Amplifiers  AdvantagesSummary  Class T...

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Jun 3 2019

Amplifier Tutorial: Amplifier Basic and Amplifier Circuit

An amplifier is a device that amplifies the voltage or power of an input signal, consisting of tubes or transistors, power transformers, and other electrical components. Used in communications, broadcasting, radar, television, automatic control and other devices.Op-amps are the backbone of analog ci...

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Jan 15 2019

Operational Amplifier Principle and Circuit

Warm hints: This article contains about 6000 words and reading time is about 22 mins.IntroductionThe operational amplifier is referred to as an op amp. It was named "Operational Amplifier" because it was used in analog computers in the early days to implement mathematical operations. Mainl...

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Mar 20 2018

Definition of Power Amplifier and Its Classification

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3000 words and the reading time is about 15 minutes.SummaryIn this article, we will mainly talks about how power amplifier works and its classes and indicators. Nowadays, whether in the global mobile communication system, the third generation mobile comm...

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Jan 19 2018

Operational Amplifier Characteristics,Classification,Main parameters and Types

Warm hints: The word in this article is about 3500 and reading time is about 18 minutes.SummaryIt has been more than 40 years since the analog operational amplifier was born. The earliest process is the use of silicon NPN process, later improved to silicon NPN-PNP process (hereafter called standard ...

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