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Jan 11 2019

The Working Principle of the Zener Diode and the Judgment of the Positive And Negative Poles

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and reading time is about 20 min.IntroductionThe Zener diode is a surface contact type crystal diode made of silicon material, referred to as a Zener tube. This diode is a semiconductor device that has a very high resistance until the critical rever...

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Jan 3 2019

The Function and Operating Principle of Diode

Warm hints: This article contains about 6000 words and reading time is about 30 mins.IntroductionA diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction (asymmetric conductance); it has low (ideally zero) resistance in one direction, and high (ideally infinite...

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