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Oct 12 2019

Classifications and Characteristics of Computer Memory in Type Principles

IntroductionThe memory is an entity that memorizes information, which is important for the computer to have the ability to store data and information, to automatically execute programs continuously, and to perform extensive information processing. The computer memory is composed of a plurality ...

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Aug 9 2019

Key Characteristics of Main Computer Memories

IntroductionIn computing system, Memory refers to the computer hardware integrated circuits that store information for immediate use in a computer. Like many things, computer memory comes in many different types and has numerous applications nowadays. It is the most essential element of a compu...

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Jul 25 2019

Future Trends in NV and NVM Memories

IntroductionNon-volatile memory (NVM) is a computer memory that does not disappear when the current is turned off. In non-volatile memory, depending on whether the data in the memory can be rewritten as a standard at any time when using the computer, it can be divided into two major categories, name...

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Jul 13 2019

What is Computer Memory? Types of Computer Memory

‚Ö† IntroductionThis video going to trace the history of these storage technologies from punch cards, delay line memory, core memory, magnetic tape, and magnetic drums, to floppy disks, hard disk drives, cds, and solid state drives. CatalogArticle CoreComputer Memory BasicIntroductionComputer Mem...

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Feb 14 2019

What Are the New Memory Technologies and What Problems Can They Solve?

Warm hints: This article contains about 5000 words and reading time is about 20 mins.IntroductionThe rapid development of information technology requires storage technology to provide faster, larger capacity, lower power consumption, smaller size, longer life and higher reliability. At present, the ...

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Jan 8 2019

The Function, Structure and Working Principle of Cache Memory

Warm hints: This article contains about 4000 words and reading time is about 18 min.IntroductionIn the hierarchy of computer storage systems, high speed small capacity memory between the central processor and main memory. It constitutes a level one memory together with the main memory. The schedulin...

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Dec 28 2018

The Working Principle and Classification of Semiconductor Memory

Warm hints: This article contains about 7000 words and reading time is about 35 mins.IntroductionMemory is a memory device in a computer system that stores programs and data. All information on the computer, including raw raw data entered, computer programs, intermediate run results, and final run r...

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