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Jan 23 2018

The Working Principle of High-Power Adjustable Switching Power Supply

Catalogs一、Summary3.1 Control IC4.2 Control IC and input circuit二、 Introduction3.2 DC / DC power supply topology4.3 Reverse delay drive circuit2.1 High-power power supply characteristics3.3 Typical circuit and parameter design4.4 Main circuit and output sampling2.2 DC power supply characteristics of ...

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Jan 20 2018

Isolator--An Important Part of the Industrial Control Systems

Catalogs一、Isolator Definition四、Isolator VS circuit breaker5.2 Circuit power supply二、Isolator Working and Principle4.1 What is circuit breaker?六、The Advantage of Isolator2.1 The reason of interference in the system4.2 The differences between circuit break and isolator七、Technology Development 2.2...

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Jan 19 2018

Operational Amplifier Characteristics,Classification,Main parameters and Types

Catalogs一、Classification and Characteristics of Operational Amplifier (op amp)1.DC parameter1.Classification based on manufacturing process2.AC parameter2.Classification based on function / performance三、Common Operational Amplifier Types二、The Main Parameters of Operational Amplifier一、Classification ...

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Jan 18 2018

Transistor Switching Circuit Design and Its Theory

Catalogs一、Summary三、Buzzer control circuit - passive buzzer4.3 A voltage regulator tube and MOS tube voltage regulator circuit二、TTL transistor switching circuit四、IO control power switch is on - Use transistor and MOS tube五、Signal level conversion2.1 Emitter ground switch circuit4.1 Via a IO pin to co...

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Jan 17 2018

Microcontroller Applications and Its Principle

Catalogs一、 Microcontroller IntroductionPin Description of 8051 Microcontroller Application Field 二、Microcontroller FeaturesRenesas MicrocontrollerInstruction Set Feature 三、Microcontroller Types四、Microcontroller Applications六、Top Ten Microcontroller manufacturers in the worldMicrocontr...

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Jan 15 2018

Analysis of Switching Power Supply Principle

Linear power Currently there mainly includes two types of power supply: linear power (linear) and switching power (switching). The principle of linear power supply is to convert 127 V or 220 V mains into low voltage through a transformer, say 12V, and the converted low voltage remains AC. Then ...

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Jan 12 2018

Thermistor Introduction--​Temperature Sensitive Component

Catalogs一、SummaryPTC (Positive Temperature Coeffiient)二、Characteristics of ThermistorsNTC (Negative Temperature CoeffiCient)三、Feature of ThermistorsCTR(CritiCal Temperature Resistor)四、Thermistors Working principle六、Thermistor Application五、Thermistor Categories一、SummaryBefore you read this article, y...

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Jan 11 2018

Power Transformers Encyclopedia

Catalogs一、Summary1.Original & auxiliary side coil of the ordinary transformer二、Power transformer Illustrations2.The main power transformers三、Working of Power Transformer六、Distribution transformer四、Function of power transformer七、Differences between power and distribution transformer五、Parts of Pow...

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Jan 10 2018

Comprehensive Knowledge of Passive Devices

catalogs一.Summary5.Optical switch二.Optical Passive Components6.Wavelength division multiplexer1. Fiber optic active connector7.Light junction box, optical wiring box, light terminal box2.Optical splitter三.Ten famous semiconductor manufacturers in the world3.Optical attenuator四.Active and Passive com...

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Jan 9 2018

Complete Introduction and Classification of Filters and Applications

A filter is a frequency-selective device that makes certain frequency components of a signal pass and greatly attenuates other frequency components. In the test device, the interference noise can be filtered or the spectrum analysis can be carried out by using the frequency selection function of the...

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