Mar 21 2020

Working Principle and Accuracy of Infrared Thermometers

Catalog I Introduction II What is Infrared? III Theoretical Principle of Infrared Temperature Measurement IV The Principle of Infrared Thermometer V Differences in Accuracy of Different Types of Infrared Thermometers  5.1 Three Categories of Infrare...

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Mar 20 2020

Operational Amplifier Applications, Op-amp Basics

Catalog Ⅰ Introduction   1.1 Integrated Op Amp    1.1.1 Evaluation Analysis    1.1.2 Integrated Op Amp Basics Ⅱ Op-amp Parameters Ⅲ Application Matters Ⅳ One Question Related Op Amp and Going Further &nb...

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Mar 13 2020

Variable Resistor: Basics, Application Circuits&Common Malfunctions

CatalogI IntroductionII Definition, Symbol and Labeling of Variable Resistor2.1 Definition2.1.1 What is Variable Resistance?2.1.2 What is Variable Resistor?2.2 Symbol2.3 Labeling Method of Variable ResistorIII How The Variable Resistor WorksIV Features of Variable Resistor ShapeV Structure and Funct...

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Mar 12 2020

What is the Function of a Diode?

CatalogⅠ. Working Principle1.1 Terminology1.2 PN Junction1.2.1 Principle1.2.2 Feature: unidirectional conductivity1.2.3 Supplementary noteⅡ. Diode Applications2.1 Main Functions2.2 Typical Diode ApplicationsⅢ. One Question Related Diode Functions and Going Further3.1 Question3.2 AnswerⅣ. Diode Manuf...

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Mar 7 2020

How to Test a Capacitor with a Multimeter in 5 Ways?

CatalogI IntroductionII Definition of CapacitorIII The Reasons and Effects of Testing Capacitors and Withstand Voltage Performance 3.1 Why Should We Measure the Capacitance of A Capacitor? 3.2 Why Should Capacitors Undergo A Withstand Voltage Test?IV The Difference of Capacitors with Diffe...

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Feb 22 2020

Basics of Light Sensors(Overview, circuits and Arduino/mBlock Programming Tutorial)

CatalogI IntroductionII Definition 2.1 Definition of Sensor 2.2 Definition of the Light SensorIII Spectrum and Photometric Physical Quantity3.1 Spectrum3.2 Photometric Physical Quantities3.3 MID Display's Perception of Backlight Brightness Under Different IlluminationIV How the Light S...

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Feb 19 2020

What Can LED Light Therapy Do?

CatalogI IntroductionII What is LEDIII The Development of Photo-therapy and LED Light therapyIV LED Light Therapy Principles4.1 Red light4.2 Blue Light4.3 Purple Light4.4 Green Light (560nm)V Application of LED Light Therapy 5.1 Beauty Products of LED Light Therapy  5.1.1 LED Face Mas...

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Feb 11 2020

What is Optoelectronic Oscillator(OEO)?

CategoryI IntroductionII Development Background2.1 Limitations of Microwave Oscillators2.2 Origin of OEOIII Working Principle of OEO3.1 The basic structure of OEO3.2 Principle-based improvement direction(1) Phase noise(2) Side mode suppression(3) Frequency stability(4) Working frequen...

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Jan 21 2020

The Working Principle, Main Performance and Common Terms of Ballast

CategoryⅠ Introduction of Related Nouns1.1 Explanation of Some Related Nouns1.2 The Main Performance and Parameters of Discharge LampⅡ Ballasts2.1 The Working Principle of the Ballast 2.1.1 Inductance Ballast2.1.2 Electronic Ballast2.2 Functions of the Ballast2.2.1 Limit the Starting Curre...

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Jan 17 2020

What Is A Flyback Diode or Freewheeling Diode and It's Applications

CategoryⅠ. IntroductionⅡ. DesignⅢ. How It Works?Ⅳ. SelectionⅤ. ApplicationsSummaryIn Forward Switching Power SupplyIn Converter TechnologyIn Unidirectional Half Wave Silicon Control Rectifier CircuitIn BUCK CircuitⅥ. Something Has to CareⅠ. IntroductionFlyback Diodes, which are also known ...

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